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Starting the university application process is an incredibly exciting time, but it can also seem pretty intimidating. The pressure to complete and send off your application alongside achieving and maintaining high grades can really build up, leaving many students feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

The part of University applications that tends to really send students into a spin is trying to craft a perfect personal statement. Trying to condense your academic merits, personality and unique qualities into just a few words is no mean feat - not to mention it's a task that makes most people cringe!

With competition for places at top universities increasing, it’s becoming more and more important that your personal statement is top notch.

Why hire a private tutor to help with your personal statement?

With the right help, anyone can write an amazing personal statement that will significantly improve chances of admission. Your personal statement is the only part of your application that really gives you the chance to sell yourself and to express to universities why you think you would be the ideal candidate for their course. You want them to want you!

The best way to ensure that your personal statement is the best that it can be is by hiring a qualified private tutor to help you write it. Experienced private tutors can offer you invaluable advice throughout the process and use their expertise to help you craft a personal statement that is original, interesting and candid. They will also ensure that you are getting the most out of the limited word-count, and that you are showcasing yourself in the right way.

Writing a personal statement is quite a technical process - and if you’ve never written one before then it can be hard to know where to start. There are several things that Universities will look for when considering your application, and a private tutor can help you to jump through all the necessary hoops to ensure that your personal statement is the best that it can be.

Tutors will be qualified to teach across a wide range of subjects, ranging from maths and science to the humanities and the arts, so you’re guaranteed to find a tutor who specialises in the subject you’re hoping to study.

Given that all Tutor House tutors have been through the same personal statement process themselves (and succeeded in snagging that coveted Uni place), your tutor will have the knowledge and skills to help you create a great personal statement communicates your love of the subject and why you would be the perfect candidate to study it at your chosen university.

Finally, it is imperative that your personal statement is grammatically perfect. By hiring a private tutor to be your second pair of eyes, you can guarantee that any silly mistakes you have made will be spotted and corrected, ensuring that your application is not dismissed for poor spelling before anyone has even had a chance to read it.

How to find a tutor that can help with your personal statement

The simplest and least time-consuming way to find a tutor to help you with writing a personal statement, is to go through an online tutoring platform. One of the best tutor platforms for finding a private tutor who can help perfect your personal statement is Tutor House. Tutor House offer qualified tutors who specialise in subjects across the board, guaranteeing they’ll find a tutor that meets your needs.

All Tutor House tutors will either be in their last year at university, or will be qualified to at least undergraduate degree level. So if you book a private tutor through Tutor House, you are guaranteed to get a tutor that has been through the university application process and will know exactly how to help you write the best personal statement possible.

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