How to Stay Productive Over the Summer Holidays (Tips From Your Tutors)

July 21, 2022

It’s finally time to start your summer plans, hooray! After a year of hard work, you completely deserve to relax and take a step back. However, while it is important to chill over the summer, don’t overlook the time completely. There are many things you can do and opportunities to look out for to give yourself an advantage for the next academic year.

But don’t just take our word for it. We asked some of our experienced tutors how they think you should spend your time. 

Sumedha M, Biochemistry Tutor

A fun, enthusiastic and patient tutor, Sumedha studies biochemistry at the University of Manchester. She wants to help struggling students reach their full potential in maths, chemistry and biology. Her approach is to thoroughly check her students' understanding of concepts and provide good techniques from them to approach their exams. 

Sumedha’s recommendation: “Students can enrol in some short online courses through coursera or any other platform. This way they can learn about something they are interested in while still having fun. If the student is interested in science, they can carry out various fun experiments at home with their friends. They can get ideas for these experiments online or innovate some themselves.”

Eric A, Maths and Biology Tutor

Eric is a full-time tutor who loves helping students reach their full potential. He has a master’s degree in Biology, a specialisation in Maths, and an in-depth knowledge of the school curriculum. He tailors his lessons based on the students’ needs and works towards their exam specification in a positive and engaging way.

Eric’s recommendation: “Summer is the time to have fun and enjoy your school holidays! It is also an opportunity - whilst you have more time to yourself and more 'free time' - to stay focused on your studies and continue to make academic progress. This is a possible opportunity to learn more about your subjects of interest or take more time for yourself to understand those subjects or areas where you might be inclined to struggle. It is possible that you might be able to make more progress whilst learning around your own schedule, in your own time-focusing on your subjects in the way that is best for you.”

Olivia C, Primary School and GCSE Tutor 

Olivia is a well-rounded tutor with over 8 years’ experience teaching primary and secondary school students. With a PGCE in education she can help you with multiple subjects on the school syllabus, from common entrance maths and English to A-level religious studies. 

Olivia’s recommendation: “Keep on practising curriculum related topics, while learning about a topic of interest. e.g., working on trigonometry while learning how it was used to measure distances in space. I offer these types of lessons over the summer, so I would offer my support as well.”

Anthony S, Maths and Stats Tutor 

Anthony is a maths whizz who studied a four-year master’s degree in maths and statistics. He loves transferring his passion for the subject to his lessons and uses his experience to explain concepts and topics in many different ways rather than just following a textbook. He has had many student successes through his fun and approachable way of learning. 

Anthony’s recommendation:Having a regular tuition slot targeting a few weak topics will give you the focus you need and will give you an advantage ahead of the start of the academic year. Outside of these sessions, get out and about with friends/family as far away from your desk as possible, especially when the weather's good!”

Summer is here!  

It’s go time! You now have plenty of advice to get started on a fun yet productive summer break. If you are worried about what you may have missed during school or wanted to catch up on work, we have lots of options for you. Book in a free call with a member of our team to find out how we can help.

Looking for a tutor over the holidays?

We have many tutors available to support you through the summer period, so you are prepared to ace your next academic year. Browse through our list of tutors or contact us today.

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