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There’s no two ways about it, education can be hard. Whether you’re struggling with a specific subject, the massive workload, or to keep up your motivation, studying can challenge students in all kinds of ways.

For many students, at some point in their academic journey, it can seem like it's all just too much to handle. Sometimes it’s a particularly bad set of exam results; other times it’s an ongoing struggle to understand the ever-increasing complexity of a subject. Whatever it is, it can damage both your self-esteem and your chances of academic success.

At these points, it often feels hopeless and it’s tempting to think the easiest thing to do is just throw in the towel and say goodbye to your hopes for the future.

Our advice for any students feeling this way is a resounding “Never, ever give up!” If we’ve learnt anything over our years working with students, it’s that everyone can turn their story around and make their academic dreams come true.

With the help of a private tutor, we’ve seen students who previously floundered or felt like they’d failed, flourish and achieve things they never thought possible.

If you’re starting to run out of motivation or hope for your future, check out these three success stories from students just like you.

Georgia’s Story

On her A-level results day Georgia, like hundreds of students, was left heartbroken when she failed to get the grades that she needed for her first choice University.

But Georgia is made of tough stuff and, rather than give up her academic dreams, she made the brave decision to retake two of her A-level subjects and try again. This time, she was taking no chances and decided to enlist the help of a private tutor.

One year later, this is what she had to say:

*“Tutor House helped me with my resits in PE and Psychology, helping me go from 3Bs at A level *to A*AB. *Both Alex and Inez were great with helping me with exam technique and confidence leading up to the exam.  

*They also advised with personal statement writing for UCAS and University, giving me helpful tips and advice which contributed to me getting an unconditional offer to study at the University of Birmingham. I would really recommend Tutor House, their tutors are knowledgeable and motivated to help you get your best grade.”*  

*blushes* Well thanks Georgia, and congratulations on all your hard work paying off!

Richards story:

Another student who managed to turn a daunting academic task into a total success story is Richard.

Richard had his heart set on a place at UCL but, after disappointing A-level results, wasn’t sure if he could make the grade on a second attempt. While taking a Gap Year, he found Tutor House and dived into some intensive tutoring in time for A-level retakes. After he finished sitting his A-level retakes, here’s what he had to say.

*“I discovered Tutor House in my gap year, and had been considering various institutions at which to take my exams. I was immediately struck by the excellence of character I encountered there. Within half an hour of meeting both Alex, the ‘head’, and my potential tutor, I felt at home and encouraged that it was somewhere I could do well.

*Many of the memories I forged there have been carried with me, for it was formative not only in attaining the results to get to UCL but equally in furthering me as an academic. It’s somewhere I still frequently think about -  both of my tutors I consider friends, as well as being academically transformative in my progression.

*I could not recommend it highly enough, both as an institution and an experience.”

Well done Richard for getting that hard-earned place at UCL. We’re delighted that working with Tutor House has had such a positive effect, not just on your education, but your personal development too.

Rafael’s Story:

And finally, a word from a parent. Because, sometimes, they really do know best.

Rafael’s daughter had been struggling academically leading up to her A-levels for a number of different reasons. Working with two specialist private tutors, she was able to not only ace her grades and gain a place at a prestigious University, but also rediscover her love for learning.

Here’s what Rafael had to say:

*“Tutor House not only provided for our daughter a way forward at a difficult time, but a transformational experience. Over two years two fine tutors taught our daughter in English Literature and Politics, which enabled her to complete her qualifications and for which she received an A* *in both subjects. She is on her way to Cambridge!”

We couldn’t be happier that Rafael’s daughter has found not just academic success, but her smile too!

Key to Success

All of these students had potential beyond what they realised, but through no fault of their own were struggling to reach it. In the end, what they needed was the support of a private tutor to help them build their confidence, understanding, and skills. Now, they are enjoying the fruits of their efforts and secured happy and successful futures.

Struggling academically?

If you’re struggling academically, whatever the reason, working with a private tutor could be the key to unlocking your success too. Contact Tutor House for more information.

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