TikTok: The Educational TikTok Accounts You Need to Follow

We’ve found the best Educators on TikTok so you don’t have to. These creators can teach you everything from how to reduce anxiety to what book you should be reading in December.

Learn Biology

1. @biologywitholivia

Olivia has amassed over 200,000 followers for her GCSE & A Level Biology videos. She explains hundreds of biology topics, offers advice on revision and shows you how to answer exam questions. 

2. @instituteofhumananatomy

If you’re a bit squeamish then this probably isn't the TikTok account for you...

The Institute of Human Anatomy uses real life cadavers to educate their followers on various parts of the human body.

Find out why humans bruise, why we produce earwax, and why you may be biologically irrational with a professional Human Anatomy lecturer. 

Book Recommendations 

1. @molly.samuel
2. @brenda.reads
3. @aymanchaudharyreads

#Booktok is an increasingly popular corner of TikTok, where creators share their book recommendations and take us on tours of their overflowing bookshelves. Creators like Molly Samuel even suggest books in keeping with current trends like ‘Dark Academia’ and ‘Cottagecore’. It’s a pretty aesthetic part of the app and watching these booklovers review their favourite literature can be relaxing as well as informative.

Career Advice & Interview Tips


As a professional Career Strategist, Shadé’s TikToks inspire her followers to take control of their career.

She empowers people with advice on how to ask for a pay rise as well as providing top interview tips for various industries. 



This funny UK English teacher takes you through top tips for acing your exams and hitting the assessment criteria. She covers everything from key themes in An Inspector Calls to giving you lesser-known dramatic techniques to use in your essays! 



Eddy is a native French speaker and educates his followers with his daily French lessons.

His helpful tips and tricks give insight into the complexities of the French language and could help you get to grips with everything from the passé composé to French slang.



Justice is an American Tiktoker, but seeing as Maths is a universal language this doesn’t really matter! With an impressive 1.4 million followers, Justice makes even the most complicated Maths equations simple with his informative and concise videos. 

Mental Health and Psychology 


It’s always nice to know that you’re not suffering alone. If you’re feeling anxious about school, work, or life in general, follow Dr Julie Smith for advice on how to deal with stress, overthinking, anxiety hacks, and more. Join her 2.3 million followers and get to know your brain better!



What better way to learn than with a Spanish teacher from Spain! Vicky’s TikTok educates her followers on the essential Do’s and Don’ts of the language as well as sharing aspects like common gestures, mistakes, and facts. With only a few videos posted she has already gained a host of followers and is a great creator to add to your list.

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Laura is our Social Media Assistant and Content Writer. She studied English Literature at University of Bristol and loves nothing more than reading and listening to a good podcast! Laura worked as a volunteer tutor whilst in Bristol and is passionate about making education accessible for everyone.

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