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Sick of searching for Free KS2 Maths Resources? Whether you are looking for resources to boost your homeschooling regime or are wanting something extra to help your child with their school work; we’ve compiled a list of the useful Key Stage 2 (KS2) Maths resources for you.

1. Primary Maths Resources - Free, Printable and Customised Maths Worksheets

Having access to printable worksheets is definitely useful, particularly for revision and homework. Being able to get away from the screens and focus on pen and paper in many ways minimises the distractions that iPads, laptops, and PC’s create. Even if you don’t have a printer you could always use the on-screen version and create your own worksheets from the questions generated.

This resource allows you to generate customised worksheets for your child with a direct focus on specific Maths topics ranging from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, to comparing fractions, arithmetic, place value, factors, squaring, and more! You even have the option to choose a theme for the worksheets to make the learning process that little bit more enticing. 

Primary Maths Resources | Worksheet Generato

2. Primary Resources | White Rose Maths

Specialising in developing Maths education and improving Maths teaching at both Primary and Secondary level, the White Rose Maths team provide access to an amazing selection of resources on their easy to navigate website.

Choose from Assessments, Schemes of Learning, and introduce ideas like ‘Problem of the Day’ into your child’s daily routine, Explore the White Rose Maths website for more resources ranging from Early Years, Primary, Mixed Aged and Secondary and more.

White Rose Maths | Primary Maths Resources

3. Whole class catch-up sessions | Hamilton Trust (

If your child is in need of a catch up with the key principles of KS2 Maths (and more) Hamilton Trust’s Free Maths Resources are split into sections from Year 1 all the way through to Year 6 to help your child make the most of their Maths studies. 

With 100's of free Maths and English resources available on their site, Hamilton supplies learning at home packs, starter English and Maths plans, science session and other selected topic sessions for primary aged students. Simply click into whatever topic your child needs to focus on to download their extensive resource packs. 

Hamilton | Downloadable Primary Maths Resources

4. Free Online Math Games |

If your children already love playing video games, what better way to get them studying than with online maths games?! Master Maths skills and have fun at the same time with these free online Maths games from

With their wide range of games it's easy to while away the time and offer a welcome break from the classic quizzes and questionnaires. Try incorporating these Maths games as a treat in addition to homework to reinforce the idea that learning can be, and should be, fun! | Primary Maths Educational Games

5. IXL Maths | Online maths practice

IXL Maths provides a host of interactive resources catering to all levels from Reception all the way through to Year 13! The clean organised site makes finding the topic you’re looking for easy. Simply select your year group and gain access to a range of colourful maths quizzes, engaging activities, and more.

Use this site in combination with worksheets and homework and offer IXL Maths resources as a refreshing way to approach a variety of Maths topics.

IXL Maths | Interactive Primary Maths Resources

If your child needs further help with their Maths studies, our range of dedicated Primary Maths tutors are available to create unique learning plans; helping your child reach their full potential at this foundational level of their Maths education.

If you’d like any more information on how Tutor House can help your child gain confidence in their Maths skills contact a member of our educational team on 020 3950 0320 or Visit Tutor House | Find Your Perfect Tutor for more information.

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