University Interview Questions: Tips and Examples

January 13, 2021

Some universities will ask students to come to interview after submitting their personal statement. Not all universities require potential students to take interviews, and you can find out on their course directory if it’s likely you’ll be called to interview. 

Courses where university interviews are typically compulsory include Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Education, Music and Art & Design. 

No matter what university you have applied to, your interviewers will always expect you to come prepared. Do not wing it and hope for the best. 

The interview stage of an application is a chance for you to show off not only your personality, but also your love for and knowledge of the subject you’re hoping to study at their institution.

If places are limited this interview could mean the difference between getting offered a place or being turned down. Don't leave things to chance and get prepared in the best way possible for your university interview, no matter if you are applying for an undergraduate, masters or other postgraduate degree.  

Common University Interview Questions:

Why have you chosen to apply for this course?

You will be expected to have done your research into the particular course and university you are interviewing for. Make sure you prepare answers for this question as it is the most frequently asked university interview question. Avoid one-sentence answers and really express your excitement and enthusiasm for the particular course you are interviewing for. 

What drew you to apply to this university in particular?

There are lots of ways to answer this question. There might be a particular professor whose work you admire. Maybe one of their alumni is an inspiration to you and is the reason you chose the course. For a research-based University you could talk about how you’re an avid follower of their pioneering work in a particular field. 

What makes you a good candidate for this course?

The admissions team will want to know that you are able to think and work independently, as this is a crucial part of degree level study. Show your passion for the subject, your desire to work hard and that you have an inquiring mind. Universities want students who will ask questions and get involved on their course - so show them that this is you! 

You said “xyz” in your personal statement, can you expand on this?

It’s important to read through your personal statement before the interview. Make sure you remember what you wrote and why, and have proof points to back up your statements. If you’ve mentioned particular books, essays or authors, make sure you have actually read these sources and can talk more about them. 

Top University Interview Tips

- Mention the key topics covered in your degree course
- Link to personal experiences when/where appropriate
- Know your personal statement inside out - they may question you about it
- Positive body language - smile, sit up straight and make eye contact
- Let your interviewer take the lead
- Research future career options as further motivators
- Brush up on current affairs relevant to your subject
- Think independently and try not to regurgitate scripted answers
- Ask questions! Use this as an opportunity to find out more about the course

And breathe. This might sound obvious but try and relax while you're in there. It's only natural to feel nervous with the pressure that you put on yourself to perform on the day, but make sure you take the time to calm yourself down. There's no such thing as a perfect interview and try not to stress over the tiny details of how things went. 

How Tutor House can help you with your University Interview

Our team of educational experts are always on hand to give you the best advice for your University Interview as well as your UCAS application as a whole. We offer FREE educational advice to all. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with one of our experts, simply click the ‘Ask an Expert’ button and follow the next steps.

We can provide you with a University Interview tutor who can take you through the whole interview process, help you prepare answers and tailor your personal statement to make the most of your university application and get you into the university of your choice. 

All our university interview tutors have a proven track record in helping students ace their university interviews no matter the subject or course you are hoping to study.

With the help and support of a private university interview tutor, you can ease your anxiety around your upcoming interview and gain confidence in your abilities to impress on the big day. Get in touch with one of our educational experts today and get prepared the best way possible with one of our private university interview tutors!


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