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A-Level Results Day Guide 2016

Key Points:

  • A-Level Results Day is Thursday 18th August 2016.
  • GCSE Results Day is Thursday 25th August 2016.
  • Don’t panic but make sure you’re fully prepared for results day 2016.
  • Bring your mobile phone, a pencil, a copy of The Independent or Daily Telegraph newspaper and a calculator.
  • Tutor House is offering free advice for all London students on A-Level results day 2016.

Preparing for A-Level Results Day 2016

This year A-Level results day is on 18th August 2016, GCSE a week later on 25th August. We’ve come up with an A-Level Results Day guide to help students in London and the UK prepare for receiving their results.

Worrying about your results won’t make the slightest bit of difference now, and it certainly won’t change your results. That being said it can be hard to switch off as you eagerly (or not so eagerly) wait to hear how you have done.

We’re giving FREE advice to all students on Results Day:

We have put together some ideas to help you manage any stress that you may feel while you wait for A-Level results day on Thursday August 18th 2016.

Tips for A-Level Results Day 2016:

1. Get a good night’s sleep the night before

Sleep, as most students will already know by now, is key to having a fully functioning brain, and this is just as important to preparing for results day. Make sure you get a solid 8 hours so that you are rested and clear headed for the big day.

2. Eat a hearty breakfast

We know that on the day you will most likely be a mixture of nerves and excitement, however eating a decent breakfast will help set you up for the day. It is likely to be an emotional day whatever the results are so make sure you have the energy to cope and make the right decisions.

3. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.

You are going to want to be able to call the important people and let them know how you got on. You may also need to call University of choice to confirm your place, or call other Universities to find out about getting a place through clearance should you not get into one of your first choices.

4. If you didn’t get the results you hoped for don’t panic!

Take a deep breath and then find a trusted teacher to talk over your next steps with you. Alternatively we will be available all week to give free advice on what to do if you didn’t get your desired grades to get into University.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you have plenty of time to make your decision, whatever that turns out to be. Even if your first two University choices aren’t accepted, you still have the possibility of getting a University place through UCAS clearing. Just remember, there are always alternative options available to you.

5. Take your time making decisions.

It’s easy to fly into a panic if you did not get the results you wanted, however a calm mind makes the best decisions. Wait for a few hours, and talk it over with teachers, UCAS advisers, friends and family, before making any important choices about what to do next.

Take a day to think about your options before you make any decisions, but begin thoroughly researching the Universities you’re interested in, and even call them to discuss your prospectus course.

6. Check the UCAS website or The Daily Telegraph newspaper for clearing places.

Our top tip for results day 2016? Well, for those that didn’t get into their chosen University it has to be grabbing a copy of The Independent and checking the UCAS website for clearing places.

If you are looking to get a place through clearing you will need to act quickly, these places are normally all taken within a couple of days. If you are expecting to go through clearing make sure you do grab your copy of The Independent as it’s the only newspaper in the UK to publish a full list of all the clearing places available to students.

7. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Whatever your results, good or bad, don’t keep it in. Results Day, for better or worse, is an exciting day and a day that changes the lives of thousands of students across the UK. Talk it out with friends, family and teachers about how you are feeling.

What to bring for Results Day 2016:

There are a number of items that all students will need to bring on results day, if not just to make sure that they’ve got all bases covered, it’s so important to think carefully about the following:

  • Your results – specifically your UMS grades.
  • A Calculator for adding up module grades.
  • A Pen and Paper.
  • Mobile Phone (fully charged and topped up) for calling home and/or universities if clearing is required.
  • UCAS and University acceptance letters for grade references.
  • Personal statement and references to aid with clearing.
  • Be prepared to pay for any re-marks that may be required, it’s always better to send these off as soon as possible to secure your University place.

Receiving your A-Level Results

You can get your results online, via email, text or in the post. You can also go to your college or school to collect them in person.

Choose the method that feels best for you. Some students like to receive their results in private, whilst others go to collect their results with a group of friends for moral support.

One advantage of going to collect your results in person is that you will have teachers on hand to offer support and guidance about your next steps and options that are available to you.

You can use the UCAS tracking system to track the progress of your application to any Universities, as they will already have received your results. Here is some information on how to track your application via UCAS.

If you got the results you wanted, congratulations! If you didn’t get the results you had hoped for now is the time to get some good advice. Sit down calmly and look at your other options, then you can make the necessary arrangements for your next steps.

What happens if you didn’t get your required grades?

So you’ve opened the envelope, checked your results, re-checked them, re-checked them again, and again.

Don’t panic. You have plenty of options!

One key thing to remember is that you are in control of your choices, and you have plenty of options available to you no matter what the outcome of results day.

Firstly you should get that pen, paper and calculator and re-calculate your UCAS points just to be sure that a mistake hasn’t been made – you know, it happens! If no mistakes have been made, get straight on the phone to your University of choice to ensure that you’ve definitely not been accepted onto your course.

If you’re absolutely sure that you didn’t achieve the grades to get into your first choice University, call your second, third and forth choices. Discuss whether anything can be done in order to achieve an acceptance.

Your next steps…

If you didn’t get the results you wanted check out our advice on what to do if you failed your A-Levels. Remember, academic results are just one consideration for an employer.

Personality, life experience, adaptability and ability to work effectively alongside others are all important qualities that cannot be marked on in exams.

Contact us. We offer free advice and will happily chat through your options with you. You’ll find us on and on 020 7612 8297.