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A-Level Accountancy and Finance Tutors in London

At Tutor House, we provide skilful and knowledgeable A-Level Accountancy tuition that is enjoyable and interesting. All of our Accountancy Tutors have years of experience and are enthusiastic about their exceptional teaching methods.

I just wanted to be a businessman, and to me, the best way to understand business was to be an accountant.

– Aubrey McClendon

Our tutors aim to make the accountancy and finance as interesting and interactive as possible, helping students to tackle every part of the syllabus.

Accounting is the identifying, measuring and communicating of economic information to make informed judgments and decisions. Accountancy gives students a snapshot of the performance of a company in monetary terms and allows students to form a decision on many things such as the profitability of a company.

Breakdown of the core accountancy and finance A-Level modules:

  • Financial accounting
  • Purposes of accounting
  • Accounting records: subsidiary books and ledger accounts
  • Verification of accounting records
  • Financial and management accounting
  • Types of business organisations
  • Accounting concepts
  • Financial statements of limited companies
  • Ratio analysis and the assessment of business performance
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Further aspects of financial accounting
  • Further aspects of management accounting

Benefits of studying accounting and finance at A-Level

It is a numerical-based subject and hence it helps students understand how to budget their own income and expenses. It also helps them to manage and record income and expenses in a quantifiable manner. A-Level Accountancy is a great subject to take if you intend to go on to study any type of Mathematical degree.

Why is it worth studying A-Level accounting and finance?

Accountancy gives students an insight into how businesses operate, it also helps people understand how to budget their own cash flows in the future as well as understand tax returns.

Accountancy helps students develop an understanding of accountancy practices throughout the course as well as looking fantastic on their CV as it can be helpful in many different ways for their future career.

Accountancy students develop relevant and useful skills, from problem solving and analytical to numerical and quantitative skills.

What can you do with an accounting and finance degree?

If students choose to study Accounting at degree level there are a vast number of careers opportunities to go on to do. As well as providing an exciting route into the financial sector, a degree in Accountancy and finance can open doors to becoming an Economist or a Tax Adviser.

Did you know? Most CEO’s/CFO’s of major public limited companies are ACA qualified as this give them the background knowledge to understand company performance in board meetings!

Top universities to study an accounting and finance degree:


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