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A-Level Geography Tuition in London

Geography helps us think more intelligently about ourselves, how to live and the future that we may need to face. It succeeds in doing this because as subject it holds things together, in place, across the physical and human domains. It helps us understand the significance of scale and connectedness.

-David Lambert

At Tutor House we believe that the best results are gained when you have a real interest in the subject you are studying, and we endeavour to achieve this through creative and lively teaching. Tutor House A-Level Geography Tutors are specialists in their field, hold specific degrees and have been teaching for a number of years. Tutors will identify weaker areas in the student’s knowledge and utilise past papers, exam techniques and content analysis to elevate these discrepancies. Enlivened discussions allow us to explore the complex issues at hand and strengthen the student’s’ ability to write strong, well-balanced exam essays.

A-Level Geography covers a wide range of topics including Land Geography, the Earth and it’s inhabitants. Geography is meant to be the bridge between human and physical science. Now that sounds very important. Geography is undergoing exciting times with its areas of study with some of the most talked about and prevalent issues in society today.

Breakdown of the core Geography A-Level modules:

  • Physical and Human Geography
  • Geographical Skills
  • Contemporary Geographical Issues
  • Geography Fieldwork Investigation
  • Or Geographical Issue Evaluation

Why is it worth studying Geography A-Level

A-Level Geography works well alongside both arts and science subjects as it’s a pretty unique subject. Geography allows students to develop their communication and teamwork skills, as they will work on group and individual projects throughout the course. Geography A-Level is an intense and hard working course, which is a massive jump from GCSE, it involves a lot of development and research and analysis, allowing students to collect and look for patterns in fascinating data etc.

What can you do with a Geography degree?

A Geography degree gives graduates incredible analytical skills and research skills. Geography is a great overall degree for students to undertake. Many students go onto further studies to specialise in an area from their undergraduate degree, such as geographical information systems. Job relating to a Geography degree include:

  • Cartographer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Planning and development surveyor
  • Geography teacher

The top universities to study a Geography degree at:

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