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A-Level History Tuition in London

History makes people wise.

-Francis Bacon

At Tutor House we work with highly knowledgeable and professional A-Level History Tutors who will devise tailored, useful programmes of learning to assist students with their A-Level study. We only work with tutors who are experts in their field and will ensure they listen to each individual student’s needs, enabling them to develop a passion for their subject, learn at their own pace, and feel fully prepared and confident in the lead up to those all important A-Level examinations.

A-Level History allow student to study a range of topical historical events varying from Russia, the Troubles in Ireland and the Tudor era. Many students find the step up from GCSE to A-Level History relatively challenging but the independence helps students to choose events they enjoy and find interesting, making the subject fascinating and fun.


Breakdown of the core History A-Level modules:

History A-Level has many different options to choose from such as, Nazi Germany, Israel, the Tudors, Mussolini and WW1. All these choices are based on the specific examination board. Below are a few options:

  • AS and A2
  • The Unification of Italy 1815-70 Garibaldi, Cavour and Mazzini.
  • The Tudors 1509-58 Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I
  • German Nationalism 1815 to 1919 Unification and expansion

Benefits of studying History A-Level

History is a fantastic subject to study, it helps students understand why we live the way we live and why we are where we are as a society. History gives students skills in writing and literature, but also provides students with contextual knowledge and research skills, perfect to put on your CV.

Why is it worth studying History A-Level

Apart from History being extremely enjoyable and enabling students to learn about the past, it also offers students the opportunity to obtain and improve on many of the key skills they need to study History and other disciplines at university.

What can you do with a History degree?

A History graduate is seen as someone who is adaptive, responsible and reflective. Students gain relevant skills such as high analytical skills and problem solving skills. History students also have great memory skills! Also, many History graduates go on to do Further Study at Master’s level in order to specialise in an area of history and culture that fascinates them. Jobs relating to a History degree include:

  • Heritage manager
  • Historic buildings inspector
  • Museum education officer
  • Museum curator
  • History teacher

The top universities to study a History degree at:

Other subjects covered

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