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A-Level ICT Tuition in London

At Tutor House, we provide ICT tuition that is engaging and enjoyable. Our knowledgeable tutors deliver carefully planned lessons that are tailored to individual student’s needs. With years of experience both in and outside the classroom, they aim to make ICT fun and interactive so learning and retaining information is easy while also working with students to identify where they are struggling, and helping them to tackle these areas head on.

Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll be working for one.– Bill Gates  

A-Level ICT refers to the study any technology that uses telecommunication to store, transmit or access digital information. The course focuses on the way that modern technology affects our society and how we use it to communicate. Although it may sound like a complex subject to undertake at A-Level, it is very rewarding if you are a student who enjoys browsing the internet and wants to learn in depth how it all began.  

Breakdown of the core A-Level ICT modules:

A-Level ICT is broken down into four units:

  • Practical problem solving in the digital world
  • Living in the digital world
  • The use of ICT in the digital world
  • Practical issues involved in the use of ICT in the digital world

Benefits of studying A-Level ICT

A-Level ICT is a popular subject to study. As a result, it helps students develop pretty impressive practical skills that not many other subjects can teach them, such as computer programming. Moreover, ICT is a fantastic at helping students build project management and numeracy skills, and it also helps encourage them to think out the box.

Why is it worth studying A-Level ICT?

Students may have studied ICT at GCSE and it begins to broaden the studies of ICT away from computers and begins to focus on hardware and the way they process data. Therefore, students will find the subject extremely challenging yet their knowledge on coding and programming will be exceptional, something they can then use to their advantage at university.

What can you do with an ICT Degree?

ICT/ Computer Science graduates have a huge amount of career opportunities to choose from which is really exciting, such as:

  • Database administrator
  • Systems developer
  • Software developer
  • Network engineer
  • Web designer
  • Computer games developer

The top universities to study ICT degree are:


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