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A-Level Maths Tuition in London

“Mathematics is a key that opens doors that other people can’t.”

Richard Feynman

At Tutor House, we provide A-Level Maths Tuition that is engaging and enjoyable. Our knowledgeable Maths tutors deliver carefully planned lessons that are tailored to individual student’s needs. With years of experience both in and outside the classroom, they aim to make Maths fun and interactive so learning and retaining information is easy while also working with students to identify where they are struggling, and helping them to tackle these areas head on.

A-Level Mathematics is one of the most requested subjects by universities and employers. This is because Mathematics develops critical thinking and analytical skills that can be applied to a variety of jobs and/or university careers. In other words, succeeding in this subject opens doors, and makes you stand out.

Breakdown of the core A-Level Maths modules:

The current course structure has a strong focus on Algebra, which is taught in 4 different modules: called core Mathematics 1,2,3 and 4. In order to pass, you will have to sit all these four core modules:, and another two modules: called ‘applied’ modules:. During the student’s first year of study they will learn core 1, core 2 and one applied module, and during their second year of study they will learn core 3, core 4, and their second applied module.

Benefits of studying A-Level Maths

A-Level Mathematics is a fascinating subject to study as it helps students develop not just their numerical but also thinking skills. Gaining this qualification can help students to get into many different courses at university as many of them require strong Mathematical skills, such as science, technology and engineering- based degrees.

Why is it worth studying Maths at A-Level?

A-Level Mathematics is a challenging and interesting course, which further explores the methods students have learned at GCSE, such as Statistics. Many employers actively seek employees with this qualification because it encourages students to become better thinkers, logically and analytically.

What can you do with a Maths Degree?

Studying Mathematics at degree level helps graduates develop skills in analytical thinking and statistical or strategic knowledge, which are valued by employers across many job sectors.

Jobs relating to this degree include:

  • Actuary
  • Statistician
  • Operational researcher
  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Engineering
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Business
  • Teacher
  • Accountant

Top universities to study a Maths degree

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