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A-Level Media Studies Tuition in London

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

– Malcolm X

Tutor house provides A-Level Media Studies Tutors for students looking for some help during their Media Studies courses. We pride ourselves on only working with the very best tutors – ones who are passionate, knowledgeable and who can come up with creative, fun, engaging programmes of work to help students achieve their desired results. We match tutors to students and parents specific needs, and work with them to ensure they find a tutor whose exactly right for them.

A-Level Media allows students to formulate their own responses to the range of media, old and new, within the modern world. Students allowed to independently explore their own opinions on how media represents the world.

Breakdown of the core Media Studies A-Level modules:

A-Level Media Studies is broken down into four units:

  • Investigating media
  • Creating media
  • Critical perspectives
  • Research and production

Benefits of studying A-Level Media Studies

A-Level media is one of the few subjects that students can relate to on a contemporary day-to-day basis, from newspapers and magazines to radio and television programmes. Media studies help improve a student’s literacy and research skills. Media is a really interesting subject and therefore students are happy to write detailed critiques of the media in a very unique way.

Why is it worth studying an A-Level in Media Studies?

A-Level Media gives students the ability to develop skill such as research, problem solving and creative knowledge. Students also build natural debating skills through addressing contemporary issues. A choice of practical activities means that students can pick and choose according to their expertise and interests to help narrow their Higher Education topic choices if they wish to study Media further.

What can you do with a Media degree?

Media is a competitive industry for anyone to tackle, but not a lot of people know that it can open doors to many exciting career possibilities, such as:

  • Media planner
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Programme researcher, broadcasting/ film/ video
  • Runner, broadcasting/ film/ video
  • Television/ film/ video producer
  • Magazine journalist
  • Event Organiser
  • Broadcast journalist

The top universities to study a Media degree at:

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