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A-Level Physics Tuition in London

The important thing is to never stop questioning.

– Albert Einstein

Tutor House provides expert A-Level Physics Tutors and can match your child with a friendly, knowledgeable tutor that fits you and your child’s needs. We only work with tutors with years of experience and who are passionate about what they do. Ones who will come up with a bespoke learning programme and help with A-Level Physics exam practice, focusing on areas where a student is struggling, and general study. They will help students become engaged with their subject, make learning fun, and help them achieve their desired grades.

This A-Level course aims to help students with skills and knowledge required for their Higher Education at university level. This A-Level course allows students to understand how science works and to study optional topics that particularly interest them such as medical physics and astrophysics.

Breakdown of the core Physics A-Level modules:

Students undertaking a Physics A-Level qualification study a range of topics, such as:

Particles, quantum phenomena and electricity

Mechanics, materials and waves

Investigative and practical skills

Fields and further mechanics

Why is it worth studying Physics A-Level?

A-Level physics is a fantastically useful subject for students who want a career in science, technology, engineering or maths. Physics is especially helpful jobs that involve building and developing new technologies.

What can you do with a Physics degree?

Many science graduates study physics-related course at postgraduate level, such as: astrophysics, quantum physics and mathematical physics. Jobs relating to a physics degree include:

  • Geophysicist
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Radiation protection practitioners
  • Research scientist
  • Seismic interpreter

The top universities to study a Physics Degree at:

Other subjects covered

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