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A-Level Textiles tutors

“Every time that I wanted to give up, if I saw an interesting textile, print what ever, suddenly I would see a collection”

– Anna Sui

Tutor House supplies expert, passionate and dedicated Textiles tutors who can help students with their A-Level study.

All our tutors are knowledgeable, friendly and will use their skills to expertly guide students, identifying areas where they are struggling and help them to engage with their subject.

A-Level Textiles tutors are specialists in their field and have been tutoring for many years. Tutors identify weaker areas in students’ knowledge and aim to improve these areas by focusing on exam technique through the use of past papers and model answers.

Textiles A-Level is a creative and diverse subject, one which involves students drawing on their creative skills, working independently, and using design, maths, and communication skills too.

Breakdown of the core A-Level Textiles modules:

A-level Textiles involves students gaining an in-depth and wide ranging knowledge of the design and technology industry.  The specification also allows them to strengthen their ability to design and make products themselves.

The A-Level is taught through four separate units and requires students to design and create different products throughout the duration of the course.

Benefits of studying A-Level Textiles

This specification is designed to encourage students to develop and broaden their understanding of the design and technology industry, and its history. They are also required to hone and refine their skills in terms of their ability to create textile products from initial conception to the finished product, and appreciate how design, use of materials, manufacturing and marketing are all interlinked and influential when it comes to creating a textile product.

Why is it worth studying A-Level Textiles?

Students who undertake textile studies can enjoy having creative freedom, being able to work on different projects throughout their study, learn how to work independently, to develop their work, and to have some autonomy over the direction in which their work takes them too.

What can you do with a Textiles degree?

A textiles degree can lead to many interesting careers. Some of these include:

  • Clothing/textile technologist
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Textile designer

Top universities to study a Textiles degree:


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