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A-Level Theatre Studies & Drama Tuition in London

All the world’s a stage!

― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Tutor House supplies creative and passionate theatre studies tutors to help students with their A-Level study. Tutors will work with students to engage and inspire them with new ideas and provide them with expert guidance to develop their skills, resonate with their subject, and identify any areas they are struggling with or worried about to tackle them head on together.

A-Level theatre studies is diverse and interesting subject which allows students to explore their creativity and work both independently ,and with their fellow students as a team. Theatre studies A-Level encourages students to hone their critical thinking and communication skills too.  

Breakdown of the core A-Level Theatre Studies modules:

Studying theatre studies A-Level level requires hard work, talent, practice and creativity. Students will be required to undertake both practical and written work including presentations, the study of different drama productions and preparing and performing plays themselves. Theatre studies also includes learning about many of the roles behind the scenes that are vital to create a successful theatre production.

A-level Theatre Studies includes:

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Costume
  • Setting
  • Mask and Technical design.

Benefits of studying A-Level Theatre studies

Students are able to express their creativity in ways that other subjects do not permit. It requires excellent critical thinking, communication and practical skills. Theatre studies gives students the opportunity to develop their acting skills and to learn all about the different roles that play an integral part in producing a theatrical performance.

Why is it worth studying A-Level Theatre Studies?

Students enjoy the many opportunities for group work, and learning what it takes to analyse and appreciate different genres of theatre and other dramatic productions. They are also given opportunities to devise their own work, use specific equipment and technology, and develop artistic and design skills.

What can you do with a Theatre Studies degree?

A theatre studies degree is perfect for those who hope to get into acting, producing theatrical performances, or any of the behind the scenes positions a theatre company offers.

Possible careers include:

  • Actor/ Actress
  • Community arts worker
  • Drama or Music therapist
  • Director
  • Stage manager
  • Set designer

The top universities to study a Drama degree are:

Other subjects covered

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