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Advice for Personal Statements

Tutor House has an extensive level of experience in helping students with their UCAS personal statements and helping students get into their top choices. Personal Statements serve as a great opportunity to show Universities why you would be a great candidate for the course and institution you are applying to and it can quite often be tricky to get right.

Here at Tutor House, we work with students on producing the best possible Personal Statement drawing on the student’s knowledge, experience and desired future ambitions for applying to their chosen course and institution.

A well thought out and structured Personal Statement is of paramount importance. At Tutor House we firstly try to understand as much about the student as possible ensuring that students are not excluding anything valuable which could be an important component in their Statement. This can be difficult to ascertain at first given that students can be unaware as to the depths of their own achievements and experiences and the positive portrayal of those life events in a Personal Statement. This is why we try to gather as much information as possible from each individual discussing extra curricula activities, work experiences and personal drives.

Thereafter, we will help the student formulate the best structure for their Statement delivering a maximum impact effect which will leave a lasting impression for the reader.