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Well there are a number of reasons for intensive A Level & GCSE Short Retake Courses

The main reason is that you can simply focus on a problem area with a private tutor one on one. There is no-one else present, which can lead to distractions and time wasting.

Tutors work closely with you, identifying weaker areas, focusing on them and working through them with you. In addition tutors work through past papers and provide you with individual model answers and key exam phases and key words.

The course is intense, but the key is to focus on exam papers and how to answer questions.

A Short Retake Course – these courses are seriously intense, so you have to hit the ground running. You’ll have to sit exams every week and revise every day, it’s hard but worth it in the long run.

You can undertake these short ‘crammer‘ style courses over a 4 or 8-month period. Colleges and tutoring companies can support you. Private tuition is of course a very good option. Private tutoring always achieves the best results. Financially it makes sense as well. I would suggest at least 20 hours private tuition before your exams, perhaps even book block sessions every week. Make sure tutors are CRB checked and have tutoring experience!

Make sure you highlight modules/units that you didn’t do too well in; you may not need to re-sit every unit again! ☺ Also, take the time to work out your UMS score, which can be found on your results certificate.

You can Learn more about Short retake courses at Tutor House or simply contact us by mail   or call us on 0203 9500 320

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