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Brain foods for exams, the top foods, and drinks, outlined here

Exam season is fast approaching, and the pressure to combat long nights of cramming or days detained to a seat in the library may be comforted by the idea of Walkers crisps and IRN-BRUs as brain food. Preparing for exams does not mean your nutrition has to suffer. In fact, the healthier the food you consume during your study sessions, the higher the marks you earn will be. We’ve taken notes of our own from our previous recommendations for exam brain foods and have discovered a few delicious and nutritious options to aid your studying.

1) Eggs

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it comes as no surprise that this wholesome product makes the top of our list. They’re a sure-fire way to start your energy levels off on a high, as well as keep you full and focused longer than carbs and sugars would. Packed with Vitamin D, B6 and B12, the vital nutrients will assist in memory-packed prep days. Brain food central!

2) Avocados

The apple of every health-crazed phenomenon’s eye, this fruit is one of the best when it comes to exam performance and keeping blood sugar levels in tact. Avocados improve cognitive function, particularly memory and concentration. The monosaturated fats that make up this fruit also allow for healthy blood flow, which further assists in memorisation and alertness during those long hours of studying.

3) Olive Oil

Known as one of the simplest cooking ingredients to incorporate into any stove-top meal, olive oil contains powerful antioxidants that improve your ability to memorise and retain new information. The catch: its recommended you swallow a spoonful of the stuff at room temperature or even refrigerated olive oil to get the most out of your oil. When heated, olive oil decomposes, losing those essential nutrients needed for brain power. It might be a tough spoon to swallow, but your brain will thank you for it.

4) Salmon

Calling all seafood-lovers, this one’s sure to help you ace your exams while being an easier one to swallow. Salmon is one of the most nutritious brain healthy foods that run on omega-3 fatty acids to keep your attention going strong. These acids make up two-thirds of your brain, which is why adding this fish into your study diet will boost focus levels.

5) Walnuts

When it comes to nuts and seeds, walnuts take the cake for optimising brain health. They contain a type of omega-3 fatty acid that complements the brain’s make-up, making them a beneficial snacking choice. Walnuts also have twice as many of these essential antioxidants in comparison to the remaining nuts and seeds family, and will improve your studying abilities the most.

6) Tea

Ok it’s not brain food, but with just the right amount of caffeine, tea will enhance brain power when it comes to memorisation, focus and even improving your mood. Incorporating 2-3 cups per day during exam preparation will improve overall blood flow, and help create a steady work ethic. Keep in mind: freshly brewed tea is the way to go–or even tea bags–to maintain the antioxidants.

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