6 Perks of Being a Tutor

December 14, 2022

Tutoring is on the rise and as more and more people sign up to start their tutoring journey, we’re asking why it has become such a popular path. It’s no secret that private tutoring is an impressively lucrative earner, but what are the other benefits of tutoring online and could it be your next career move?

1. Flexibility

A 9-5 job doesn’t light everyone’s fire, and for those looking for more control over their working day, private tutoring is an excellent alternative. As a tutor, you can set your own hours and decide how much of your week you devote to tutoring. Though it’s important to be consistent and reliable with lessons you have booked in, it’s up to you to adjust your availability according to the schedule you want to build.

2. You can be your own boss

Some find work within a wider structure less than ideal, and so turn to freelancing for professional independence. With online tutoring you can avoid any pesky micromanaging from above and set your own agenda from day one. Freelancing of course comes with increased responsibility and research into what it means to run a successful solo enterprise, but the vast majority of tutors agree that it’s worth it for the freedom and creativity you can inject into your working method as a result.

3. You can do it from anywhere

If a commute-free working day sounds like paradise to you, tutoring could be the perfect path to pursue. The beauty of online tutoring is that you can do it from anywhere - provided there’s wifi. Mobile jobs offer numerous possibilities from planning last-minute trips to working on the road as a digital nomad, and the flexibility they provide can be truly life-changing.

4. Passing your passion onto others

A standout benefit of online tutoring is the opportunity to devote your working life to a subject you love. Teaching something you’re passionate about is one of the most gratifying professional experiences you can have. Not only do you have the chance to spend your day researching and preparing lessons around an area that fascinates you, you’re also able to share your passion with someone else. The best tutors will be able to instil a newfound interest in their students and maybe even offer them a new direction in their academic life.

5. The opportunity to test out teaching

Interested in teaching but not sure if it’s right for you? Tutoring means you get to test drive teaching without committing - a try-before-you-buy, if you will. Casual work is a great way to get a feel for a particular industry and find out if it’s suitable for you. Think of it as work experience - but with a more attractive paycheck!

6. Experiencing a growing industry

The combined effects of the pandemic and the rise of online tutoring platforms have massively accelerated the growth of the private tutoring industry. More and more people are looking for extra academic support for their children, as well as the opportunity to learn new skills and explore new hobbies, such as language learning. So the market doesn’t look to be declining any time soon. The future of learning is online and being part of the EdTech revolution is guaranteed to open numerous doors for you and your career.  

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