Are you smarter than a 10-year-old?


Here at Tutor House we help hundreds of students prepare for all exam levels, and just last week thousands of nervous 10-year-olds sat the 11-plus exam to try and get into a grammar school. To show-off to everyone just how clever those students are, we thought we'd team up with our 11-plus tutors to create a quiz that will test out all the adults out there. So, if you're up for a challenge, why not see if you're smarter than a ten-year-old?

For those of you who don't know, the 11-plus exam is an optional exam for students in England and Northern Ireland that was first introduced in 1947. Also known as the Common Entrance Exam, the 11-plus allows grammar schools to test a student’s academic ability before allowing enrolment for key stage level 3 and 4.

Grammar schools used to be a dime a dozen 60 years ago, however in the 1960’s the Ministry of Education encouraged local authorities to opt for a non-selective form of education. Naturally, the number of students attending grammar schools dropped, but recently they've had something of a resurgence, with 5.2% of students studying at a grammar school in 2016, the highest attendance rate since 1979!*

Like all exams, it can be hard for parents and other family members/friends to empathise with the kids sitting the 11-plus, as for many it was a long time ago when they had to sit such an exam. So, as a fun reminder of how hard our 10-year-olds have to work, we wanted to put adults to the test to see how well they would do!

Here’s the quiz, it will tell you at the end if you would pass the exam based on the number of correct answers you get - we wish you the best of luck!

Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House said:

“We connect hundreds of parents every year with tutors so they can help prepare their children for the 11-plus exam and have noticed an increase in demand for these tutors over the last few years, which would make sense considering the number of students enrolling at grammar schools has increased."

“We hope by creating this quiz we can offer some insight into what these students are tested on and as a bit of fun for us adults, we can see whether we’re smarter than a 10-year-old! I have no doubt there will be many who can’t believe that 10-year-olds successfully answer these questions!”

*House of Commons Grammar School Statistics, March 2017, by Paul Bolton.

Alex Dyer

Alex is the founder and director of Tutor House and has a degree in Psychology. He has worked in the educational industry for 14 years; teaching Psychology for 8 years at a school in London. He now runs Tutor House, after setting it up in 2012. Alex still tutors every week, he writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on the BBC and ITV to discuss educational topics. Alex is an educational consultant and UCAS expert, he’s worked with hundreds of students over the years. He’s obsessed with squash, but is distinctly average.

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