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November 1, 2022

If your GCSEs or A-levels are approaching, it’s likely you’ll be spending a good chunk of the coming months deep in study-land. But here arises the question of where to set up your workspace. How can you use your study location to maximise productivity while feeling safe and comfortable? The truth is that each student is unique and will need different conditions to reach those deep levels of focus. So we’ve listed a few spots for you to experiment with to help you establish the perfect study location for you.

1. Your bedroom

A true classic - it’s hard to beat your own space when it comes to ensuring maximum comfort while studying. It doesn’t get much better than a set-up you’re familiar with that provides the necessary peace and quiet to put your head down and work - and where your stationery is laid out waiting for you when you come home... 

That said, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing and the unrivalled sense of relaxation and calm that comes from being in our bedroom might not always be the most conducive to productivity. Just make sure you’re resisting the temptation to work in bed!

2. A coffee shop

Finding a cosy corner in your favourite hipster coffee shop is a great way to make studying that bit more suave. The number of people who now work remotely means it’s not hard to locate a cafe where many around you are working as well, which can in itself provide an excellent boost to studiousness and productivity.

An obvious drawback to cafe working is the background noise you may have to compete with, but investing in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones can solve this problem in one fell swoop. And where better for on-tap coffee to get through those attacks of study-drenched drowsiness?

3. The library

If the noise-cancelling headphones aren’t cutting it, it might be time to go old school and hit the library. A library is the best place to find the silence you need for profound concentration. A local workspace that allows you to get out of the house and use free wifi without the sound of coffee machines drowning out your focus… what more could you want? Plus, you’re never far from a plethora of wider reading material!

4. School

School might not feature high on your list of places where you wish you spent more time, but the fact is it tends to be pretty irreplaceable when it comes to getting your best work done. You have access to resources, course books and even your teachers should you need a quick chat about how your last essay could have been improved.

So if you have some time to kill before dinner’s on the table, school is the best place to get in a few hours of end-of-day study so you can leave your evenings free to do absolutely nothing. 

5. Outside (in summer)

Hitting the books over a cool drink on a warm summer’s day - it makes studying sound almost idyllic. Find yourself a pleasant shady spot and settle in for an afternoon of leisurely revising and you might even find yourself enjoying it.

Be warned, however: the elements can be distracting. We Brits are not known for our consistent weather, particularly in summer, and a few too many unexpected showers or inconvenient gusts of wind might take your study set-up from dreamy to just plain irritating. So come prepared with umbrellas, paper weights and an extra jacket!

6. Public transport

It might sound strange but hear us out. While cramming in last-minute study on the bus to school because you forgot to revise for your French vocab test the night before is by no means a bright idea, the commute can be a great time to get in some uninterrupted work (provided you can get a seat). 

Working on the train can also be an excellent way to get your brain into gear for the upcoming school day. If you had trouble getting your head around some lesson content the day before, use this hour to refresh and go over what you didn’t understand. You never know, the light of a new day might clear yesterday’s clouds and bring more clarity.

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