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A London-based French family is recruiting a full-time tutor to homeschool their two young sons, however the £60k a year job role comes with a twist. It won’t be homeschooling at all, in fact it will be around-the-world schooling! The family is embarking on a ‘family gap year’ this Autumn and desperately needs a tutor to accompany them to ensure the sons don’t miss out on a good education.

Before we spoil too much, here’s the request in full:

*Hi Tutor House*,

*We are writing to you in the hope that you will be able to help us.*

*We are a couple living in London with our two sons, who are 6 and 9, and are looking for a tutor to start home schooling them from October for an entire year, however it’s not really home schooling…*

*We plan to travel in the Autumn, across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America for 12 months, and need the tutor to accompany us on our travels, whilst delivering a great education to our sons. I guess you could say we’re taking a family gap year!*

*Obviously we want the boys to experience different cultures and explore the world, that kind of development is vital and can’t be obtained by staying at home. Our problem is we don’t want them to miss out on a year of education, neither myself nor my husband are equipped to teach them to a good level – which is why we’d like a tutor to accompany us on our travels.*

*You might think we’re crazy, but we’ve always dreamt of travelling, but focused instead on our careers and starting a family – it’s a case of if we don’t do it now we never will! The boys are at an age where they are old enough to deal with being away from home and getting the most out of the experience but they’re also old enough to be hindered educationally by such a venture.*

*We’re thinking (and please advise if this is unreasonable) the tutor will work six hours a day (35 hours a week including lesson planning), which will involve teaching both sons an array of subjects, from English to science. Due to the boys’ age difference, we will want the tutor to split the tuition evenly in half each day to cater to their different levels.*

*We’re happy to offer a salary of £60,000, and the tutor can attend activities with us whilst we are travelling if they wish. Currently we’re planning snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and going to Disney World Florida (this might act as a good incentive!).*

*We’d really need the tutor to organise everything as well, and don’t want any involvement or input in what’s being taught – we’ll leave it in their capable hands!*

*As well as the 60k salary, all travel and accommodation will be paid for by us, and any free time the tutor has is up to them to spend as they wish.*

*Experience in tutoring and/or teaching is a must, and if the tutor speaks French that's a real bonus but not a necessity. The tutor will be given full sick pay and 24 days holiday.*

*Due to the strict time constraints we’re under, we need someone ready to go by the end of July, preferably.*

*We know this must be very different to your usual recruitment processes, but if you could help us fill the position, we’d be eternally grateful.*

*Many thanks,*

*Frank and Antoinette*

We’re guessing there’s a few of you out there who wouldn’t mind the chance to travel the world whilst teaching. So, if you think you have what it takes, please leave your details below. The parents will be in touch with you directly if your application catches their eye: Tutor House | Find Your Perfect Tutor

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