oktopi Has Acquired Tutor House

September 29, 2022

Everything you need to know about our new cutting-edge Workspace for education by oktopi.ai.

In our post-Covid era, online learning has a bigger role to play than ever before. Digital education is no longer a secondary option for teachers and students but an opportunity to curate an expanded learning environment with unprecedented teaching possibilities. As the EdTech community advances into digital education's dynamic future, Tutor House is excited to be moving forward with industry leader oktopi.  

Tutor House and oktopi share a vision to enhance online learning in a way which empowers tutors and learners alike, our aim being to revolutionise the EdTech community on a global scale.

Who are oktopi.ai?

oktopi is a radical education company with a mission to change the way we think of digital learning. CEO, Emilie Thomas Mansour, set out in 2021 to transform the online learning space by empowering educators and students on a global scale, and through their meticulously developed Workspace, oktopi has done just that. 

Workspace for Tutors 

oktopi’s Workspace includes enhanced learning tools and customisable features, allowing educators and tutors to deliver a more sophisticated online learning experience than ever before.

oktopi’s Workspace benefits include but are not limited to:

1. Extensive tools to help you start, manage and grow your Workspace in order to market your lessons to students globally. This includes built-in resources, courses and quiz builders that you can use for your upcoming lessons.

2. High-quality technology where tutors have full access to a Zoom classroom to plan and schedule live sessions without interruption. Tutors can now track users and usage performance on any of their materials and lessons. As well as use an integrated payment gateway for smooth, fast and secure transactions.

3. Tutors now have more options to interact with students and tutors on the oktopi platform. Tutors can actively stay in contact with their students through oktopi’s chat system which includes a ‘stories’ option to help with student engagement. Tutors can also use oktopi’s platform to collaborate with other tutors for upcoming lessons and expand their network.

How do you sign up?

Join the waiting list to be featured on our Workspace as an educator. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis. Follow the link here to register your interest and join oktopi today.

Interested in joining oktopi?

Chat to our team about how you can sign up to oktopi's enhanced learning platform.

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Ella & Sadiyah

Ella & Sadiyah are content writers at Tutor House — a top quality tuition company to students of all ages, budgets, and levels. They have both worked as English teachers and lived overseas, and are fascinated by all things education. Ella is a foreign language and text art devotee, while Sadiyah loves everything creative having studied architecture and linguistics at university.

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