Top 7 Science YouTube Channels to Keep You Interested

December 7, 2022

A common misconception is that to retain useful and practical scientific information you need to be looking at textbooks and past papers to get the knowledge you need. While these are excellent resources, science can be found through all means of life, including the parts you enjoy in your free time - like watching YouTube videos. 

In this blog post, we have unpacked our favourite seven science-oriented YouTube channels to help with your studies. So, whether you are a budding biologist, want to explore science in the real world, or wish to improve your A-level physics skills, we’ve got you covered. 


Ever wondered what would happen if humans disappeared? AsapScience answers questions like this. Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, with the aim of “making science make sense”, AsapScience quickly rose to become one of the most successful educational YouTube channels. They boast over 9 million subscribers to their fun everyday science videos for anyone to learn, participate and grow. Each video addresses different trending topics, as well as science songs to help memorise the periodic table, the anatomy and more. 

2) Science with Hazel (now known as SwH Learning)

Hazel is a qualified science teacher and professional tutor who studied at the University of Cambridge. Her teaching experience has helped her to create informative videos on GCSE physics, chemistry and biology. She has recently delved into making videos for A-level students too. Hazel's channel is fantastic for students studying exam boards, such as AQA and Edexcel. As not only does she break down complex science-related topics, but she also goes through past papers in-detail for students to process (with lots of these videos lasting over an hour!).

3) Dr Beattie’s Chemistry Essentials

Another excellent resource from an experienced science teacher, Ryan Beattie, caters his videos to A-level chemistry students and aims to make the subject easier to learn. He covers complex topics in chemistry, such as the Arrhenius equation, mass spectrometry, Hess' law, enthalpy cycles and more. In each video, you can practise your exam technique with your newly learnt knowledge. Equally great for students wanting to get a head-start before class or refresh their pre-existing knowledge.

4) BBC Earth Lab 

When learning about science it can be difficult to see it outside the confines of the classroom. However, BBC Earth Lab helps with that, as it is a great way to see science in action. They create engaging videos that answer questions about “science in the world around you”. Explore interesting topics on why leeches are used in modern surgery or about early CGI. You can even venture further afield and discover how Saturn got its rings or how big the solar system is. 

5) Sick Science

Steve Spangler is a STEM educator and Emmy award-winning television personality who frequently appeared on the Ellen show. He created the Sick Science series for young learners to help them spark an interest in science. Every video displays fun and engaging experiments conducted by Steve and his team. Some popular ones include how to make slime, sun sensitive fabric and a disappearing colour wheel. This channel is the perfect starting place to get children more involved in studying STEM subjects. 

6) Amoeba Sisters 

The ultimate sister duo, the amoeba sisters use comics and humour to produce engaging content for students studying biology in school. So, if you have been struggling to fully connect with mitosis and meiosis, biomolecules, protein synthesis and more in the classroom. The amoeba sisters' twist on learning through comedy will shine a new light on these topics to make them more easy to understand than ever. 

7) Physics Girl

Last but not least, there’s physics girl, and as it says in the name, it covers everything you need to know about physics. Dianna Cowern helps make learning easier than ever. While she helps explain complicated scientific concepts, she also experiments with physics in the real world. For example, in her videos, Dianna covers topics such as what dark matter is and how the edge of our galaxy defies known physics. Fascinating stuff!

Want More?

If this list wasn’t quite enough to get your scientific juices flowing, we also have a physics and biology resources guide for you to browse through. You could even go further and experience your very own talented science tutor that will help improve your knowledge and grades - explore our range of tutors here

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