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Tutor House Top Pick: Resourceaholic

Resourceaholic is the perfect resource for teachers who specialise in secondary school Maths. Run by fabulous teacher and maths expert Jo Morgan, the website provides a comprehensive range of resources and ideas, including an impressive list of sources that teachers can access and use to help inform and deliver top quality lessons, rather than having to spend long periods of time searching the internet for inspiration. Jo’s posts are incredibly specific and will help teachers in lots of different areas. Looking for help planning a sequence of lessons around Algebraic expressions? She’s got your back. Looking for a different way to approach homework? Head over to pret homework. No matter where your teaching needs lie, rest assured, Jo will have the resource for you!

Teacher Toolkit

One of the most influential and popular education blogs in the UK, Teacher Toolkit is a great website for teachers, providing them with a professional platform from which to access both resources and support, as well as providing a space to engage in various conversations surrounding teaching and the educational system as a whole. The website is run by award-winning deputy headteacher Ross McGill, with the aim to make ‘ready to use resources’ accessible for teachers so that they can always ensure they are providing high-quality teaching to their students. Teachers can also use the platform as a means of blogging and sharing their own content and resources. Head over to their website today to unveil all their incredible resources.


ICTEvangelist is run by award-winning blogger, speaker and consultant Mark Anderson. The blog is an amazing resource for teachers, having won the Education Blog of the Year award in 2015, and several other awards since. A clever combination of education and innovative learning tools, Mark is an advocate of using technology in order to enhance students’ experience and understanding. From blog posts about the periodic table, such as The Periodic Table of iOS Apps for AR and VR 2019 to pieces on ‘how to get your colours right when creating dual coding influenced resources’ this blog is ideal for any teacher or learner looking to expand their knowledge, understanding and skill set.

Flashcard Machine

Flashcard machine is a free online service and provides students and teachers alike with the ability to create on-screen flashcards. They have over 122 million flashcards to date, and the cards can be used in a range of diverse ways, from testing vocabulary or grammar skills to making maths lessons fun and interactive. They are also a great tool to use for setting homework - keeping home study sessions fun and engaging! Flashcard machine have tonnes of flashcards already in their database that teachers can access and there is also an app that teachers can download!

Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson is an innovative online platform, allowing teachers access to pre-crafted lesson plans and classroom activities. The website includes a wide range of educational resources designed to help teachers provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding.Teachers can use this website to help them plan lessons , whether they need just a couple of additional exercises or are looking for some serious teaching inspiration! The site is super well organised, with lesson plans organised by subject and level. There is also a clever rating system - whereby teachers can view the top-rated lesson plans


Tired of teaching lessons in the same way? Want to jazz things up a bit and experiment with a new style? Kahoot are here to save the day! On a mission to make learning fun for everyone, Kahoot! is a great resource for both students and teachers. Kahoot!’s innovative website makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. Their quizzes are a great way to make lessons interactive and engaging, without compromising on learning! For more information on how to play, visit

This website is ideal for both primary teachers and secondary teachers looking for some resources to boost their lessons to new heights. As the name suggests, free-teaching-resources provides a diverse range of handpicked, top quality resources - all of which are totally free! From teaching or homework ideas to lesson plans, pre-made worksheets, tutorials and workshops - they really have it all! Furthermore, all their resources have been made by UK-based charities, companies, museums and teaching experts. The website is fuss-free and easy to use simply select the subject and level of your choice and follow the links to access the material - easy peasy!

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