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Fantastic Apps Which Can Help Your Child Study

Most young people are tough to tear away from their devices, and it can be tricky getting them to put down their tablet, phone or laptop, especially when it comes to revision time. The good news is that there are now many brilliant educational apps out there can enhance learning, help children revise, and can even teach adults a thing or two as well!

Naturally there are tens of thousands of apps on the market that claim to offer a fantastic learning and user experience, so finding ones that work for us and deliver information in an engaging and helpful way can be tricky. 

However, it’s a good idea to make the most of these handy educational apps, which can be used all year round to help children learn. 

Here we have selected our favourite tried and tested apps that work well for children across a range of ages. Most of these are for iOS and Android devices only, though if you do have a Windows device you’ll be pleased to know that they are catching up with the trend.


Educreations is a handy little app that works for students and pupils alike. Educreations works like an interactive whiteboard where bite-size instructional videos and presentations can be uploaded. It is also a great communication tool where students and teachers can interact. Educreations captures ideas, and is easy and fun to use.  

The Khan Academy

While this is not technically an app, we felt it should be included as the Khan Academy is one of the most popular and impressive online education tools around.

Launched in 2006, this powerful site’s motto is ‘you can learn anything’and with its help, this certainly seems possible. The Khan Academy breaks down subjects into easily digestible bite- size lectures, which you can find on YouTube. 

Virtually any subject or topic that your child may be having trouble with can be found on here and explained in a refreshing, interesting and engaging way to help them not only understand, but want to find out more.  

Flashcard apps and Quizzlet

This is a particularly handy app come revision time, which saves your child time and effort having to write out flashcards to test themselves. 

Via Flashcard apps your child can create their own flash cards virtually, which will then be saved and ready to use whenever you want. Alternatively why not import sets that have already been created through Quizlet? A fantastic site allowing students to exchange notes and help each other learn. 

BBC Brain Smart

While studying and revision are extremely important, it is also good to make sure you take a break from it every now and again.

If you want to keep your brain in tip-top condition, then why not play one of the range of interesting games it has on offer? It also has tips and advice on how to manage stress and keep your memory sharp too.

Of course choosing the right app does depend on what you are hoping to get from it. However these great little additions can help your child focus, engage with their subject matter and have a more productive and enjoyable learning experience, so they are certainly worth a try. 

If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable tutor to help your child study, revise, or simply get a better understanding of a particular subject or topic they are struggling with why not give our friendly team a call on (+44) 020 773 435 55 | (+44) 0776 690 4632 or email us on INFO@TUTORHOUSE.CO.UK.