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Personal Statement support for University

Writing the perfect UCAS personal statement is the key to getting into the perfect university. It can seem like an intimidating and very significant step, but anyone can write a fantastic personal statement for the best chance of admission.

Personal statements are a part of the overall process of university admissions, and we are well placed to help with many aspects of it, at Tutor House we have an in-house team to can assist you with all aspects of the UCAS and University application.

Watch our video in which we discuss the 3 most important ways to start your personal statment for university.

Writing a personal statement: a practical guide

The personal statement is all about selling yourself as a great individual who would fit in well at your chosen university, therefore at Tutor House, we feel is important to learn how to write a personal statement. Try and think about what you can contribute and how you plan to add value to the university. Things to remember when writing a personal statement:

  • It should be typed with 1.5 line spaces
  • Always start with a `wow’ sentence to draw in the reader
  • Divide the content into four main sections
  • Explain why you want to study the chosen course, show enthusiasm
  • Showcase what you’ve done to date that’s relevant to the course
  • List key skills have you picked up through work experience
  • Offer details on other activities and how they make you a more rounded person
  • Mention what inspired you to choose the course, try to be passionate
  • Write from the heart – give them a glimpse of what really makes you tick
  • Ensure it’s free from grammatical errors
  • Be 100% honest and genuine
  • Make it attention-grabbing
  • Show it to as many people as possible, including parents and teachers, and take tips from them
  • Sell yourself, make it so that your university can’t resist picking you for a place

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How to write a good personal statement – pro tips

Our tutors are experts and can help with UCAS advice in your application and even gap years. The best way to get help is to use one of our qualified tutors, they will guide you through the entire process with expert advice.