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Special Education Needs (SEN) Student Support

Discovering the best way for a student to learn is one of the biggest challenges in modern education, and (enjoying) learning with an SEN is even harder. Determining what help an individual student might require is something that we at Tutor House specialise in across all levels but especially A-level tuition and GCSE tuition. We work with children and students who have SENs and help them to improve their confidence, motivation and in turn their learning and interests.

SEN support for children & adults

Our Study Skills programme is tailored to each student and can help with any of the following:

  • Exam preparation
  • Organising homework
  • Planning a revision programme
  • Managing workloads
  • Stress management
  • Memory/ Recalling information

Students are often told that the key to learning effectively is through keeping organised notes and having a structured study plan.

The problem is that, more often than not, students have little or no idea of where to start with organising their work and very little time is dedicated to this in schools.

At Tutor House, we provide students with study skills to help improve their performance, confidence and motivation to learn.

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SEN Tutors & Educational Needs Specialists

We offer a study skills programme which is designed to equip students with all the techniques and skills they need to study and revise effectively.

We work with the student to design a study plan to suit their style of learning as well as giving tips on organisation, planning, concentration and memory improvement.

This programme can be especially useful in the lead-up to exams when students need to use their time as effectively as possible.

Our aim is to help build confidence and give students the essential skills that they can use throughout their academic life and beyond.