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Maths Pre-U is notoriously challenging and can be an uphill struggle for some students. Receiving a D1 or D2 for maths Pre-U prior to university entry is essential for students looking to secure their first-choice university.

Our Pre-U tutors are all specialists in maths and work tirelessly to ensure the student becomes familiar with the exam content and feels supported prior to exams. No matter where you are based, our Pre-U tutors can work with you either face-to-face or online. They will help you tackle difficult Pre-U maths problems, homework and exam practice.

The Cambridge Pre-U maths exams is composed of three papers, which are (2019-2021 syllabus):

  • 1 – Pure Mathematics 1 – Two-hour external exam – weighing 33.3% (80 marks)
  • 2 – Pure Mathematics 2 – Two-hour external exam – weighing 33.3% (80 marks)
  • 3 – Application of Mathematics – Two-hour external exam – weighing 33.3% (80 marks)

Our Pre-U maths tutors will help you prepare for every stage of the Pre-U exam. They help you learn content and work through practice papers to make sure you are feeling prepared and confident on the big day.

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If you’re looking to continue on to university, achieving a D1 or D2 is essential. Regardless of whether you are applying to study maths at degree level, medicine or similar– achieving the best grade possible will make your journey into your chosen university as smooth as possible.

At Tutor House, we interview all of our maths Pre-U tutors to ensure that they are as passionate about education as we are. Moreover, all of our tutors have up-to-date DBS checks and many have more than a decade’s worth of teaching experience.

We regularly host maths Pre-U revision courses, but our tutors can also come to you for intensive one-on-one learning days. For more information about these, and finding a maths pre-u tutor near you, call us on 0203 9500 320 or email