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How to formulate a winning revision schedule

With the festive period over and the return back to School, it is full steam ahead in the lead up to exams which are only months away. So why not give yourself the best possible chance of success and devise a winning revision schedule. Tutor House has put together a few points to help you formulate your perfect timetable:

  1. Make a timetable either on an excel spreadsheet or manually draw one including your class schedule, extra curricula activities and other such commitments.
  2. Identify where in your timetable you have spare time.
  3. Now take a look at your subjects, how many exams you will have for each subject and which subjects require your attention the most.
  4. Depending on how best you revise, you may like to start working through each syllabus or you may prefer to move straight onto exam papers to help you identify your weak areas.
  5. It is important to make your revision timetable realistic and not overload all your spare time with revision, factoring in time for much needed relaxation and restoration.

For more information on how best to formulate a winning revision schedule, please contact Tutor House by sending an email to