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Gap Year Ideas to Boost Your CV

When people think of students going off on their gap year, they usually think of kids going off to party or waste their time sitting around doing nothing.  Your gap year can combine both the time of your life with an injection of quality to your CV.  Gap year ideas can help turn your year out of education into impressive reading on your CV.

Invest In Your Education

Even if you use your gap year to travel or save up some money before you start University, it’s no reason to leave your education on hold for an entire year. Consider a part-time language course or TEFL certificate instead. Tutor House offers part-time evening language classes that could be the ideal way to keep your academic brain active during your gap year, plus is there anything more rewarding than learning another language?

These language and extra-curricular courses will result in tangible qualifications that you can list on your CV, showing that you’re someone who is willing to make that additional effort to stand out in a sea of applicants with similar levels of experience. Alternative gap years will give bored recruiters something to notice, which is what is required when applying for jobs in this current competitive environment.

If you have a work schedule that won’t allow you to attend set classes, why not hire private tutors instead? Sign up to an online course from a creditable UK university and work towards getting a qualification. Tutor House offers expert private home tuition, meaning you don’t even have to leave your own house to learn.


Work doesn’t have to, and won’t always, result in pay. Volunteering can be a great opportunity to get involved in unique projects that give you additional skills that you would otherwise need years to access to gain paid employment further into your career.

Yes, you will need to work for free but there’s something about helping others in a worthy cause that’s just more valuable than money. If you can’t afford it and need to work, why not volunteer just a day a week? Or perhaps you could get involved in a short-term project over a couple of weeks. This will give added value to your CV without needing a massive sacrifice on your part. Take a look at Projects Abroad for more information and to see what projects are available that might take your fancy!

Paid Work with a Twist

Not everyone who takes a gap year can afford to do it without bringing in any money. The reality is that most of us don’t have the bank of mum and dad to fund our year of fun.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to find a job at your local Tesco. Try going for those opportunities that take you beyond what you’ve done before. Try finding paid internships that give you an insight into an industry that you may be interested in come graduation.

You could also work and travel at the same time. Go to a country where your current skill-set may be needed, such as China. Private tuition is big business in this up and coming country, so take advantage and see whether you can join the legion of private tutors already in employment. This will not only put money in your pocket but will give you an experience you’ll never forget along with boosting your CV. And who doesn’t want to learn Mandarin!? For more information, and to take a look at jobs that are available in China visit Go Overseas.

Summer Camp

Working at a Summer camp such as Camp America is a great way to learn new skills, whilst making new friends and topping up your tan before you start University. Camp America is a highly prestigious company to have on your CV. This is because during the camp you are taught many employability skills, such as leadership, teamwork and organisation, which puts you one step ahead of the competition when applying for jobs.

If working with children in Florida, New York or California is something that may interest you then register now for Summer 2015. As long that you are over 18 and are available between May and the June then apply here!

Challenge Yourself!

Finally, it’s important to give yourself a challenge. Recruiters like to see applicants that are willing to think outside the box. People that go for the standard gap year opportunities will look generic and safe and it won’t help you stand out.

Remember, gap years are unique and it’s likely you’ll never get the chance to do something quite like it again. Grab the bull by the horns and make it an experience you’ll never forget.

Contact Tutor House for any advice and information on what to do during your gap year or for information on private tuition and evening language courses.