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GCSE and iGCSE Geography Tuition in London

Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future.

– Michael Palin

Our GCSE Geography Tutors are all professional, friendly, and welcoming teachers who have years of experience. They ensure that students are able to work at their own pace, and will design a bespoke, tailored learning programme for them to address their needs and achieve their desired results. All our Geography Tutors are subject specialists and can help students with exam practice and exam technique, creating workable and fun solutions to address specific issues, or with general Geography study.

Geography is a broad and absorbing subject that gives insight into our understanding of the world, the way in which humans interact with their environment and the impact we have upon it. Students will learn about different geographical interactions, skills, and approaches, turning them into curious, thoughtful citizens with a great insight into the environment and the challenges it, and the human race face.

GCSE Geography develops students knowledge of places and environments and the influence that society, politics and culture has upon them. They will develop confidence in fieldwork, using maps and Geographical Information Systems, and how to approach their work from an investigative stance.

Breakdown of the core Geography GCSE content:

The main topics of Geography GCSE are as follows:

  • Locational knowledge
  • Maps, fieldwork and geographical skills
  • Place: processes and relationships
  • Physical geography: processes and change
  • People and environment: processes and interactions
  • Human geography: processes and change

Why is it worth studying Geography GCSE/ iGCSE?

Students who chose to take Geography at GCSE/ iGCSE level will benefit from an increased understanding of current events across the globe, an intricate knowledge of the formation of the earth’s landscapes, how different people and their cultures effect and shape the it, and gain useful skills such as  investigative research skills, data collection and problem solving.

After completing a GCSE in Geography some students may go on to take A-Level Geography and eventually undertake a degree course. A Geography degree requires students to hone their analytical and research skills. It is considered a good all-rounder degree requiring mathematics , IT and computer skills, communication, creative thinking and problem solving ability. Geography graduates gain many transferable skills which are extremely desirable to employers. A Geography graduate can typically find employment in a number of roles including:

  • Local government
  • Teaching
  • The Armed Forces
  • The Police
  • Environmental work
  • Charities
  • Nature conservation
  • Planning

Other subjects covered

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