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GCSE and iGCSE History Tuition in London

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.

– Theodore Roosevelt

At Tutor House we work with highly knowledgeable and professional GCSE History Tutors who will devise tailored, useful programmes of learning to assist students with their GCSE/ iGCSE study. We only work with tutors who are experts in their field and will ensure they listen to each individual student’s needs, enabling them to develop a passion for their subject, learn at their own pace, and feel fully prepared and confident in the lead up to those all important GCSE/ iGCSE examinations.

GCSE History is a varied and fascinating subject where students are required to learn about various important historical periods and how they have shaped and influenced contemporary society. By studying GCSE/ iGCSE History students will be equipped with a broad knowledge of historical events from the Medieval period to the present day.

Breakdown of the core History GCSE modules:

There are several areas of subject content included in GCSE History , and students cover the following eras:

  • Medieval (500–1500)
  • Early Modern (1450–1750)
  • Modern (1700–present day)

on three timescales:

  • short (depth study)
  • medium (period study)
  • long (thematic study)

on three geographical contexts:

  • a locality (the historic environment)
  • British
  • European and/or wider world settings.

It is important to note that British history must make up at least 40% of the assessed content over the duration of the course.

Benefits of studying History GCSE/ iGCSE

GCSE/iGCSE History is an important and useful subject for students. It provides them with a comprehensive understanding of key past events which have influenced and made our society as it is today. History requires students to retain key dates and events in history, to write intelligent and in-depth essays on the subject, and requires research, academic reading and writing and project development skills.

Why is it worth studying History GCSE/ iGCSE?

History has an effect on everything; every culture, every era and every environment. An understanding of significant past events gives us useful knowledge and insight why the world works in the way it does today, and how it will continue to change and grow in future.

A GCSE/iGCSE in history will provide an excellent basis for further study at A-Level or degree level, and the transferable skills required to successfully pass a History GCSE/iGCSE course are also useful for any subject which requires research and essay writing.

Students that go on to graduate with a history degree can open doors to many exciting career opportunities. The skills required to study history at degree level include excellent research skills, analytical skills, the ability to present thoughts and arguments in a clear, intelligent and cohesive way.

The appreciation of the importance of history and the need to accurately preserve it can lead to a variety of possible careers for university graduates, for example, teaching and lecturing about the subject, writing and journalism, and a variety of positions in museums, galleries and libraries.

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