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GCSE and iGCSE Latin Tuition in London

There is no such thing as dead languages, only dormant minds.

– Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Tutor House provides tutors who help students successfully study and prepare for their Latin GCSE/IGSCE examination. All our tutors are passionate professionals all with a minimum of three years tutoring experience and expertise in their chosen subjects. Our tutors listen to parents and students needs and create bespoke learning programmes to help them achieve their goals. Students can work at their own pace, highlight specific problem areas, and parents and students will receive weekly feedback from their tutors to ensure progress is carefully monitored and they are fully prepared and confident come exam time.

Latin is an extremely useful and diverse subject to take at GCSE/ iGCSE level. Throughout the course students will be expected to gain a thorough understanding of not only the Latin language but also the culture, history and society of the time.

Breakdown of the core Latin GCSE content:

A GCSE in Latin covers both study of the Latin Language and a selection of Latin literature. Students are expected to be able to read, write and translate Latin text as well as have a firm grasp on many celebrated Latin texts covering the religion, ancient myths and traditions in the culture of the time.

Benefits of studying a Latin GCSE/ iGCSE

Latin enables students to read and study some of the most revered literary works of all time. The ancient world also has had a huge impact of European civilisation in terms of its growth and progress ,and they way its languages have developed over time. Studying Latin could spark a passion for the classics and provides a great base to continue learning at A-Level and in Higher Education.

Why is it worth studying Latin GCSE/ iGCSE?

Latin is a fascinating subject, and can be great fun to study. Learning in-depth about both the culture and language simultaneously is something that other language GCSE’s do not cover. Students will become familiar with how the Latin language has shaped and influenced many others, including our own, and will give them an excellent basis for studying other European languages.

Latin enables students to write more intelligently, using sophisticated language, to retain information and to think clearly and logically – all great skills which look impressive on any UCAS application.

While there are many courses available to study the Latin language at degree level, most universities combine this with a degree in Classics and Ancient history. If you choose to take this degree you can go on to be a teacher or professor in the subject and other roles where your degree may be useful include:

  • Archivist
  • Barrister
  • Chartered accountant
  • Writer
  • Heritage manager
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Solicitor


Other subjects covered

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