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Common Entrance Tuition – October Half Term

With October half-term fast approaching, the need to utilise this time to prepare for common entrance exams is vital. With only a short amount of time until the majority of common entrance exams take place, parents are using this time to their advantage, by cramming in much-needed revision sessions that focus on exam technique and content.

What schools do you cover for entrance exam preparation?

At Tutor House, we have a range of expert tutors that specialise in common entrance exams, from prep school 4+, all the way through to 11+, 13+ and 16+. Our tutors are all DBS-checked, degree-educated and are experienced in getting their students into the best secondary schools across the country. These include Eton College, Westminster, St Paul’s, Marlborough College, Haberdasher’s Askes’ Boy’s School, Harrow, Winchester College, The King’s School, Wellington, Wickham Abbey, and more.

Whether you’re remaining in the UK or seeking autumn sun, our tutors are flexible and can accommodate any student’s need.

We offer four main avenues of tuition over the half term period. Firstly, our one-on-one tuition offers the student a tailored experience, ensuring that they are prepared for every aspect of the exam; English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. We also have a range of tutors that specialise in exam practice and etiquette training for prospective boarders.

I need an entrance exam tutor

What Common Entrance exam options are there?

Tutor House also offer a range of intensive revision courses for the half-term period, perhaps you only have 3-5 days to spare. Our tutors will be able to come to you for upwards of three hours a day to work with your child to ensure they are best prepared to sit the exam. In this period they will cover the full scope of the exam; liaising with the family before the class to ensure that they make the most out of this allotted time.

If you are heading away for a UK-based holiday, or are primarily based out of London, and are looking for world-class common entrance exam tutors, we offer residential placements over the October half-term. Our tutors will be able to “live-in” with your family during this period, working daily in a concentrated manner with the student.

Moreover, if you’re going away to catch some Autumn sun, or perhaps an early Ski trip, or simply heading abroad, our tutors are able to adapt and travel with your family, ensuring you make the most of study time during your holiday. Our tutors can work flexibly, perhaps teaching the student in the morning, then leaving the family to independent activities in the afternoon.

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Why use Tutor House for common entrance tutoring?

Tutor House understands how challenging the common entrance examinations can be; testing students on certain abilities that can only be prepared for with an experienced professional. These are especially important in regards to verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions, and the specific manner in which schools require you to approach the English examination. The Tutor House team will work with your family to find the right tutor that matches your child’s needs.

If you’re interested in getting your son or daughter prepared for their common entrance exams with an experienced and professional tutor, then email us at or call us on 020 7612 8297.