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Good Luck with your Exams this summer!

In the run up to the Exam period, a lot of you will be putting in the extra hours to secure yourself the best possible grades. Whether you are preparing for GCSE, A-Level or Pre-U exams, the period before your examinations is going to be crucial to key revision and exam success. All your hard work over the last year will be concluded off with final examinations. Rest assure, no matter the results as long as you have put in the hard work and done your very best you can be proud of yourself!

More often than none, students will become anxious and nervous in the lead up to sitting exams, however it is imperative to stay calm and focused to ensure that you are able to perform to your optimum standard. Students often let nerves get the better of them and in such instances are unable to think clearly and subsequently do not receive the marks they deserve. We advise when this happens to take a few long and deep breaths in order to calm the nervous system and to allow vital oxygen to enter the body leading to a clearer mind.

Furthermore, key organisation is of paramount importance. Ensure that you have a clear idea of your examination timetable. For example, if you have a GCSE Maths exam in the morning followed by a GCSE English exam in the afternoon by having a good idea of your exam schedule you can plan your revision timetable in accordance. We advise that you print off a copy of your exam timetable and post it in your room or near your area of study. This will help you to formulate a revision schedule around your examination timetable.

Lastly, we all have differing styles of making notes which work according to the individual. However on the night before the exam or hours before, we suggest making a concise set of notes on a set of flashcards. It doesn’t matter which subject you are revising for, flashcards can help you revise for all subjects from A Level Government and politics to A Level Physics. Flashcards are not only a brilliant way to study prior to sitting the exam, but it’s also useful to refer back to when travelling, waiting for appointments or reviewing over a cup of coffee.

Tutor House wishes all students the very very best of luck with their examinations!