What if I want to discuss specific tuition requirements with the tutor?

Once you have made the lesson request, you can communicate with the tutor. You can discuss your tuition requirements and the lesson timing with in-app instant messaging. The messaging is instant, so your tutor will receive the notification via both; the website and email.  Hence he or she can respond to immediately.

You may wish to discuss your preferred lesson time and date, or discuss which exam board you’re studying for A-levels and GCSE’s, or even to discuss specific text and books which you are currently studying.

Also, You can communicate with the tutor with the instant in-app messaging at any point (before or after the booking has been made).

Please note that it is possible for you and the tutor to mutually agree to booking changes after this stage. This must be done within the messenger app on the website.

You can also use the same means of comunication to find out more about the tutor, after you have requested a booking.  In addition to this you can always check the tutors reviews and ranking.

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