Booking Lessons with Tutor House

How do I book lessons in with students?

When you log in to your tutor profile, go to messages, click on the customer you wish to book a lesson with, this will open the messaging, then click book lesson at the top or bottom of messaging page (red button). You’ll then see a pop-up which you can select the time, date, length of lesson time and location of the lesson. Once you’ve sent this booking, the customer needs to accept the booking before the lesson is confirmed.

What if the customer doesn’t accept the booking confirmation?

You won’t be paid. Customers receive 2 reminders to confirm the lesson, however, if they do no accept the lesson then they are not charged and you won’t receive payment. You can always message the customer using the website, asking them to confirm the lesson before you arrive.

What if I go to the lesson but the customer didn’t accept the lesson?

Try to avoid this, however, you can easily book in a retrospective lesson on your dashboard, in messages. And ask the customer to accept it. Failing that you can contact us and we’ll help you.

What if the customer cancels the lesson?

If the customer cancels a lesson within 48 hours, under our 48 Hour Cancelation Policy, they will be charged the full amount, and you will be paid. If there is a justifiable reason why they cancelled the lesson and you feel that they shouldn’t be charged, please get in contact with us so we can refund the customer.

What if I cancel the lesson?

There will of course come a time when you need to cancel a lesson, please give your student plenty of notice, and try to cancel the lesson on your dashboard, in messages. We do operate a 3-strike cancellation rule though, if you cancel 3 times for no real reason, we will have to take your profile down from the Tutor House site.

Can the customer review me and the lesson?

Yes the customer can review you after the lesson has been completed. You will be able to see your review on your profile, and other customers can also view it.