What Qualifications do I need as a tutor?

You don’t officially need any qualifications to become a tutor, but at Tutor House, we do check, and we also check your experience as a tutor or teacher. We meet all of our tutors, checking your degree certificate(s) and your DBS. You no not need to have a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to be a tutor. However, we also supply teachers to schools, so if you do have a QTS then do add this to your profile when you sign up.

Ideally as a tutor, you would have 3 years experience, however, we do meet everyone before making a decision.

What about other Qualifications?

We accept all qualifications, and we’ll certainly talk them all through with you. Some tutors have CELTA qualifications, some tutors have grade 8 piano certificates and others have completed their LAMDA. Come in to meet us and we can discuss this further with you.

Do I have to hold a British Passport to tutor with Tutor House?

No – we work with tutors from all over the globe. We still check your DBS (or equivalent) and we also check your degree certificate and I.D. But you can certainly tutor with us. Again if you are a qualified teacher, then do add this to your profile, so you can teach in schools in the UK. Sign up here