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Hiring a tutor for 11+ and 13+. Is it worth it?

Well, first off all a little background information into the Common Entrance exam.
The exams are regulated by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) and the exams are sat in November (11+) and January or June (13+) every year.
The examinations are very different to what children would have undertaken before at their current School. Children are now assessed on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, in addition to Maths, English and Science questions.

Past exam papers are key here. It’s very important that children are thoroughly prepared for the Common Entrance exams. Working through example questions and devising mock questions and answers is imperative. The key to success is that tutors have plenty of experience. They should be up to date with the Common Entrance papers and know exactly what the Independent Schools will be looking for in the exams.

Parents are always asking me if it’s really worth hiring a tutor for their children at such a young age?

I always cheekily reply. “Did you have driving lessons before you took you test?”
Extra tuition at any age is a fantastic investment for parents. For your child to have one-to-one lessons (often in the home environment) give a child not just help in the chosen subject, but also a real sense of confidence in exam techniques. They will know how to perform well when is matters the most!
A personal tutor can often find a weak area and address the problem when a teacher (however gifted) can overlook this in a noisy, demanding class of 20 children.

It is essential to prepare well for Common Entrance. Getting into the right Senior School for you son or daughter lays the foundation for their adult life. A Private tutor will also help the family with Senior School selection. One that is perfect for the child’s intellectual, musical, sporting and pastoral needs. Private tuition is not a new idea. Conscientious children and parents have always wanted to achieve their personal goals and to exceed expectations. With extra tuition an ‘average’ student can surpass and surprise themselves and even their current School.
Why would any parent not give their child the best chance possible to succeed?