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How Twitter Can Help Students Write A Paper

As a student, you know the process of study is impossible to imagine without writing different academic papers, essays, thesis and dissertations perfectly well. We all understand that often help is needed to write this paper good and in time. So there’s nothing surprising with the fact that all students use not only books, but also the Internet to make their paper look and sound perfect.

Do you know that you can use Twitter to help you with writing a paper? This micro blog can be beneficial for students who want to write an excellent piece of work, with many methods of how to do so.

Don’t be shy to ask

Internet users are always happy to help. That is why if you have some question concerning your paper (a topic, a plan, some sources, and so on), you can always ask Twitter users to help you here. We think that 140 characters will be more than enough to ask a question. And don’t be shy to ask your followers to re-tweet your post.

Follow people who can help you

Many experts of different fields are registered on Twitter. Do you have anyone whose works you admire? You can contact this person via Twitter and check some of their thoughts or work. That will ultimately help you with writing your own paper.

Check your sources

When you write a paper, you need a list or sources to mention in the end. If you are not sure which or them are good and representative enough, you can always share them with a Twitter community and ask people what they think of them.

Find some stories that fit your topic

Use keywords to find the latest news concerning the topic of your paper. What happens in the field you write about? Check media outlets and search for any fresh information that can be used in your paper.

Check libraries

There is no need to visit libraries today if you don’t have the time. Most libraries have Twitter accounts now, so you may follow them and ask to find books or other info on the topic of your paper or essay to help you write it.

Discussions are your best helper

Every day, hundreds of people discuss something on Twitter. Join in on your topics of interest and that fit the topic of your paper best. People may give you a lot of useful information on that, and you will not have to search for it in books or magazines. The main thing is to listen to those ones who knows what they say exactly.

Find useful links

Millions of links to different blogs and websites are posted on Twitter every day. Therefore, finding  the ones you need is easy. Twitter helps you find extra sources that can be used for your paper’s list of literature. It can also help generate ideas for your paper writing.

As you can see, who looks – will always find. When you write a paper, different tools are good enough to help you hear, and even a social network can be used wisely.

Written and submitted by a young blogger Alex Strike, who works on and is always ready to help students reach their academic goals.