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VIDEO: Tutor Talks: Why Private Tutoring Wins

We’ll try to outline some important points and answer some key questions, private tutoring is real, it’s important, and a tutor is coming to a house near you…

  • What is a private tutor?
  • Who are private tutors for?
  • Why should I bother getting a tutor?
  • Who else has one?
  • What do others say about private tutoring?
  • What results to tutor produce?
  • How often do I need a tutor?
  • How much is tutoring?
Private tutoring in the UK is huge, research suggests that one in four students receive tuition at some stage in their academic career. And private tutoring isn’t even big here, in Shanghai 95% of people have a tutor- hence why they lead the world in education statistics.

So, let’s answer the above questions.

Private tutoring isn’t new; it’s been going for centuries. What has changed is its accessibility – most people can now find a tutor and work with a tutor, some agencies still charge ridiculous fees, but a lot don’t any more, allowing more people, from all backgrounds, to receive valuable tutoring. Even in the past 10 years there’s been a shift, from a private school, middle-class rush, to a more neutral ground; students from lower class backgrounds and state schools are as much a part of the tutoring industry now. Education is for all, so, rightly, tutoring should be for all as well. That’s our motto! Private tutoring makes a massive difference to everyone. Now, of course, and very occasionally, the tutor and the student don’t get on (we’re only human), and as you know most humans don’t get on, but this happens with only approximately one in every 100 tutors and student lessons. It’s key to build a strong reciprocal bond to a tutor, so you can grow and learn a huge amount from someone, and even better if you like and respect them.

Why bother getting a tutor?

The vast majority of students improve their grades, their language skills, their dyslexia, their confidence, their university offers, their school applications, just with a little help from their tutor. Tutoring, whether it be face-face or online is invaluable, you can’t get this support at school! I’ve been a teacher for 15 years, and I know for a fact, you can’t. My maths is shocking (anyone know a good tutor?!) but 1-to-1 private tutoring v.s. 25-to-1 school teaching, doesn’t add up. If a teacher’s time per hour is split between 25 heads, then that only equates to 2.4 minutes per student, per hour! Schools aren’t equipped to help the majority of students any more, and teachers know that, hence why they are leaving in their droves, and tutoring full time. Not because they want more money, not because they’ve given up, because they want to teach – which the current schooling system doesn’t allow them to actually do.
Sorry, on to the next point. Who has a tutor? Everyone, anyone, everywhere. Your next door neighbours 12-year-old son is having two hours tutoring a week, to help him with his dyslexia, specifically tutoring focusing on English. Your mate at work, she’s learning Italian, billissimo, and your friend from the running club (replace running with any club, just not ‘night’) has a tutor for her 17-year-old daughter, who doesn’t know her semilunar value from her xylem – so she has an A-Level biology tutor!

But it’s for the Middle Classes right?

Wrong. A lot of people, suggest that tutoring is for the middle classes; it’s an “arms race”. Nonsense. Mums, dads, families, children and students, they’re all desperate for help, and would be happy to spend £30 per week to get some help. Why wouldn’t you? Private tutoring is not class specific or income-related, it’s for everyone; we’re creating a community where anyone can access a tutor, instantly, painlessly and cheaply.
Some of the improvements we’ve seen over the years, are crazy, we don’t even have to spin the results. I’ll let a parent tell you…
“Tutor House has turned my sons retakes into an experience he’s so glad not to have missed. His highly qualified tutors have been inspiring, enthusiastic, expert in their field, knowledgeable about exam board requirements and enormously generous with their time and personal attention.”
Oh go-on then, and a happy student:
“They advised with personal statement writing for UCAS and university, giving me helpful tips and advice which contributed to me getting an unconditional offer to study at the University of Birmingham. I would really recommend Tutor House, their tutors are knowledgeable and motivated to help you get your best grade.”

Tutoring is cheap, compared to…

  • £30 would get you a highly experienced tutor or teacher, like a super tutor, with loads of materials, knowledge and passion, yes some tutors charge £100 per hour, that’s a lot, but it’s not madness: here are some comparisons for life spending:
  • private tutor, improving your academic potential, learning and your whole life for £30
  • three glasses of average Prosecco from an over famed Italian producer for £30 *
  • £30 – 14 days gym membership**
  • £30 – 10 days Sky package***
*this particular producer is a lovely man who works 20 hour days, so you can quaff fizz.
**you’ve been once for 15 minutes, took a selfie and drank water
*** every drama is the same, football is not what is used to be, it’s full of self-absorbed egotists, the news is rubbish, inaccurate and one sided – no one wants to hear from Trump more than we have to. Turn it off – learn an instrument!
^note: there may well be some basis in the above statements, but nonetheless some decent examples.
Basically 1 in every 3/4 houses or flats on your road, have a tutor now, they had tutoring last week, they’re working with a tutor for the next 6 months, and they’re then off to University, isn’t about time you did the same? A tutor is for a specific issue your having, a subject you’re struggling with, a topic you don’t get, and urge you have. Find learning easier!
Happy tutoring.