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Is Your Degree Still Important To Get?

I don’t know why, but education is not considered a mainstream anymore. It’s not cool to enter college or university today, and more and more young people prefer working to studying. Work is not bad of course, but if you want to build a really successful career, your education would be more than useful for that, wouldn’t it? Moreover, the examples of world-famous billionaires, such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg for example, who didn’t need a higher education to become rich, don’t make people want to get a degree.

Fortunately, some benefits of higher education still can be found today, and I invite you to check and discuss them here.


Believe it or not, people with a degree still earn 84% more, even when there are 2-3 millionaires who were lucky to get money with no higher education at all. Your degree makes you more valuable for employers, and they will offer a better salary to you anyway. And if you don’t want to spend your time and money on getting a diploma, just think of it as your long-term investment. Moreover, aren’t you feel yourself more skilled and valuable after your graduation? What can be a better motivation for building a career?

Better options for employment

As we all know, the majority of employers want to hire people who have a higher education. According to the latest researches, their number will grow, that is why don’t be in a hurry to throw your diploma out and forget everything you studied at your college. This piece of paper can help you get a job of your dream.

Social status

Your diploma will not become your ticket to a ruling social class of course, but it will definitely make it easier for you to enter it. We all understand that people with a higher education have a better social status, that is why your diploma can probably help you improve it to upper class faster.

You are hunted

Sooner or later, we all start hunting for a job of our dreams. The number of candidates is always so big, all of them have their own benefits, and we always have some doubts if we are good enough in comparison with them. But don’t you want to change your status from a hunter to anyone who is hunted? Your education can help here very much. Let employers hunt you, and choose the best place to work and start a career by your own.

Do you still think that your degree is unnecessary to have and not important to get? What proves can you provide except two or three names of well-known billionaires who were probably just lucky to appear at right place?