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Keep learning this Christmas

Catching some winter sun or going skiing this Christmas? Perhaps you’re heading away to some cozy cottage in the UK? All this seems like a pleasant dream, until the reality of upcoming exams and homework sets in. Instead of worrying and stressing throughout the holidays, why not take a tutor with you? Either literally or online!

Your learning doesn’t need to stop just because it isn’t term time. Our tutors work flexibly; to either accompany you on your trip or continue your lessons online.

Why get a tutor this Christmas?

The December holidays are an essential time to stay on top of your academic work; especially with common entrance tests, mock exams and an upcoming term ahead of you. With this in mind, helpful tutoring at your convenience will keep you ahead of the game, whilst also allowing you to enjoy your holidays too.

Tutors will be able to set work online for the students to complete in their holiday downtime. Students can work at a time that suits them; so whether you’re remaining in the UK or flying around the world, our tutors can work to a time zone that suits you.

We meet and interview all our tutors to ensure they are as passionate about the student’s education as we are. Moreover, all our tutors are DBS-checked and degree-educated.

You can follow the usual steps of booking lessons in via the website and get your usual friendly, helpful tutor to work with you online while away from home.

Contact us today

If you wish to find a tutor to accompany you on your trip, we have more than 3,000 tutors to choose from. Simply give the Tutor House team a call today and we will get back to you to discuss dates, costs and the perfect tutor for you.

Call us on 020 7612 8297 or email for further information.