What do I do if I’m going to be late for the lesson?

If you are running late for a booking then please do let the tutor know via the in-app messenger as soon as possible because the tutor may still have to finish the lesson at the scheduled time, depending on his/her availability.

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However, tutors will usually try to make up time lost at the end of the session for the intended duration, although it’s important to note that this is at the tutor’s discretion. Tutors will usually wait for 30 minutes, but again this is at the tutor’s discretion – tutors may well have to leave at the original time for another lesson.

If you are late for the lesson, tutors will charge for the full amount that has been agreed and confirmed. We operate a 48 hour cancellation policy, which means that if you cancel the lesson with 48 hours you will be charged the full amount.

You can always call or email us in the office if you’re running late and we will try and speak to the tutor and inform them. Contact us.