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Rene R
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12 years

What do I bring to teaching? In addition to subject knowledge, I bring maturity, life experiences and passion for sharing into teaching. Qualified Teacher, with a University Diploma of Masters in the field of Mechanics, from the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, I worked for the first ten years of my professional career as Lecturer at the same University, with the passion for teaching Mechanics, Machinery Design and Computer Aided Design. To be updated with the current school curriculum, I successfully followed the Secondary Mathematics Teacher Subject Specialism Training Course, Higher Tier GCSE Mathematics and I acquired the CERTIFICATE OF MATHEMATICAL MASTERY, Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, University of Plymouth. I work with students having a different level of knowledge both in Maths and English, from KS3 to GCSE. I have experience working with EAL students. I am pragmatic, result oriented and I adjust the learning process to the student needs. Using diagnostic questions, together with the student we identify the progress and the gaps measuring the progress made.

Serena P
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£20 / hour
1 year

I have completed A-levels in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry. I am at the University of Birmingham studying Nursing. During my degree so far, I have already come into contact with many people and I have learnt to really adapt to people's individual needs. As a new tutor I will be able to help others who need that extra boost and also pick up some skills for myself, working in an environment that is different to what I want to become. It will help me enhance my own skill set when working with people and I would learn something too! I don't have any formal experience in tutoring but I have received it in the past and have helped out family members that are younger. In high school and college I used to help my peers with their learning and many of them came to me when they wanted something explaining or didn't understand a particular topic. I always use my imagination and adapt to the way people learn so that's why they could come to me and I would help them in a way that would be straightforward for them to understand. I have had experience myself being the student and having a tutor help me when I really struggled. It helped make my learning a lot easier and I really appreciated the great effort that was taken for them to adapt to my own learning style. As I was quite stuck in my ways when it came to revising, I was taught to explore other ways and I was shown different techniques on how to learn and these really worked well. I have had plenty of experience in Public Speaking starting from a young age and continued throughout my teenage years. I worked in teams and competed against other groups on popular topics; I competed regionally and also nationally. I have experience in speaking in Gujarati quite fluently as I have been brought up for that to be my second language in my family. At A-level I undertook Psychology and loved the subject with a passion, it was my favourite one to learn about and it came naturally to me- that being I achieved an A. As a tutor that is fairly young and understands that each year the curriculum and topics vary in subjects, I will be able to adapt to what was changed and try my best to help.

Octavia K
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£50 / hour
20 years

Professional singing lessons in London for opera/pop/jazz,soul. I am a highly qualified singer, flutist, producer and educator and I have worked in the music industry for over 20 years. I studied at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art -classical acting) in London. I have received scholarships from The Alfredo Casella Conservatory in L’Aquila, Italy, and The Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome (C flute and opera vocals) in Italy. I have graduated from The F. Chopin University of Music , and The Postgraduated Jazz School “Bednarska” in Warsaw. Currently, I am preparing for my doctorate. In the past, I have been awarded a number of prestigious international music awards and have been invited to perform in concert halls around the world. With my debut album(released in 2009), I won the 2010 Music Lovers Hope of the Year Jazz Grand Prix.  I have also worked for National Polish Philharmony (about 600 concerts), Radio and Television. I released 4 jazz albums in the United Kingdom, performed at XFactor and was a judge of All Together Now (Talent Show). Styles: Singing – the modern vocal styles (Pop, Soul, Jazz, Classical - Opera, Musical Theatre, Gospel, Soft-Rock), and the classical bel canto Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Suitability: Ages 4 + The voice training programs to individuals will help you to improve: -your vocal range and power -your breathing, pitch and tone -elocution skills -knowledge of physical, relaxation and warm up exercises, -the techniques to enhance general musical skills -understanding of microphone techniques -vocal and physical performance techniques -improvisation -the songwriting skills -studio recording experience -confidence for stage perfomance and public speaking -music theory

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