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Luke W
Responds in
< 1HR
£30 / hour
1 year

Hi, my name is Luke and I am a graduate from UCL with a degree in Math. I have been building up my math tutoring experience throughout my studies since A-level. I helped my friends, classmates and family members understand complex or new mathematical terms and concepts by simplifying and explaining the logic behind them. When people approach me with math problems, I always think from their perspective to find out the gap in their understanding. Then I can better help them in learning and comprehending the logic and principles of maths. Furthermore, whenever I learn a new operator or concept, such as Laplacian operator or divergence, I prefer to understand their geometrical meaning and intuitive interpretation. I believe this approach will inspire my candidates and stimulates their interests in maths and physics. Regarding exams, practice to apply the logic and principles to solve problems is indispensable. I am good at summarising techniques and practical methods to help others crack maths problems. Practice using these methods with me is easy to get started and to follow in their studies. By understanding maths and practising solving problems with me, tutees can improve their proficiencies in solving maths problems and therefore improving performance at exams. Patience is one of my biggest strengths, and I tailor my lessons to the needs and personality of each tutee and help them succeed. I have a natural passion for teaching and tutoring interactively and intuitively.

David K
£50 / hour
14 years

I have been teaching German and English as foreign languages in educational settings and as a professional tutor around the world since 2004. I have had extensive tutoring experience and prepared my tutees for a variety of language exams (IB German, Pre-U German, A-Level German, iGCSE English as a second language, GCSE English Language and Literature, IB English B, IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, FCE) and they all achieved their target results. When I am tutoring students, I follow a learner-centred and content-driven approach to teaching, which means that I individualise and personalise my resources for each student considering their interests, language levels, weaknesses, and learning styles and focus on teaching them the skills that are necessary to achieve great results in their exams. Where necessary I challenge my tutees so that they can achieve their best. I use a range of media to enrich my lessons with authentic material. I have always received outstanding feedback from my students and tutees and was praised for my inspiring lessons and my passion for teaching languages, my friendly personality, my ability to connect with them on a professional yet personal level and my skill to make learning fun and enjoyable. I studied at the University of Bamberg in Germany, where I completed my first state exam (BA Hons equivalent) in English/EFL, Geography and Educational Science, and at the University of South Carolina in the USA, where I did my master’s degree in German with a concentration in second language acquisition and language pedagogy. I have completed my teacher training in Germany and also hold the Qualified Teacher Status in the UK. I started teaching German at the University of South Carolina in the USA and later became a lecturer for English Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics at the University of Bamberg in Germany. After having taught ESL/EFL for a year in Brazil, I began to work as an English/EFL and geography teacher at a prestigious independent secondary school in Germany where I also became Head of the Bilingual Department, setting up a unique bilingual program with the help of a colleague. In my current teaching post as a German and EFL/EAL teacher at an outstanding independent school near London, I taught KS3 German, IB (Standard and Higher Level) German and Pre-U German as well as iGCSE English as a second language, IB English B, IELTS, TOEFL and general EFL/EAL classes and as a EFL summer school teacher. A main part of my classroom teaching is tutoring students in one-to-one sessions for their final exams in German (IB & Pre-U) and EFL/EAL (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, etc.) and my support and guidance enabled them to achieve their target grades. My teaching has always been informed by the latest research in language learning and teaching as I see this as the best way to provide instruction of the highest quality to my students and to offer them current evidence-based solutions. This enables me to support my students and tutees to optimise their language learning process, to progress quickly and to achieve their goals. I consider my students emotional and social well-being a priority, and in the course of my professional development, I have continued to study the areas of psychology and pedagogy. I completed the 5-course specialisation, the ‘Foundations of Positive Psychology’, offered by the University of Pennsylvania. Integrating this knowledge in my teaching has given me the ability to help my students and tutees to become more confident, more resilient, and more optimistic and to persevere when faced with difficulties.

Alexandra P
£40 / hour
4 years

I graduated from Oxford University with a 2.1 in English, and I am now based in London studying law. I have found that organisation and enthusiasm are both key to unlocking academic success, and I take a personalised approach to tutoring to ensure my students find their lessons engaging as well as rewarding. I have tutored English through private tutoring agencies in London for the past year, largely working towards sitting school entrance exams. For the past four years I have also worked as an English teacher at an Oxford-based summer school where I am responsible for planning and executing English language lessons for foreign students. I believe that lessons should be tailored for each tutee, and a personal connection between tutor and pupil is crucial for success as I can understand their concerns and develop an action plan to tackle them. I believe setting goals and celebrating milestones helps achieve excellent results. I find it greatly fulfilling to see my students grow in confidence and ability as a result of their lessons, and it is very rewarding to teach them invaluable skills which will help them beyond the classroom.

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