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Why revising with others can be beneficial

There are many benefits to working with your peers when revising for your exams. Whether you are with just one other person or a larger group, having the opportunity to openly discuss ideas, bounce thoughts and questions off one another and help each other through difficult topics can be extremely beneficial.

Even online study groups or working together via Skype can benefit students: working through material interactively will enable students to discuss their ideas on a particular subject and come to conclusions through debate and discussion.

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The Benefits of Group Revision

Revision groups are particularly effective and encourage students taking part to discuss ideas about how to approach their revision, even sharing useful resources such as revision plans and timetables.

Every student is different and therefore brings individual ideas to the table about the best way to learn. This is useful, as seeing things from a fresh perspective, or explaining a problem or difficult material in a new way can really help students who are struggling.

Study groups are also great places to share revision notes or to collectively come up with brilliant answers to potential exam questions too.

All students in a study group are working towards a common goal, that is to be successful and achieve good grades in their exams. This means students are not in competition with one another, and study groups certainly aren’t about students trying to outdo one another. Rather these groups facilitate students coming together to learn collectively, and should be spaces where everyone is willing to help one another.

While study groups can be very effective, one thing parents may be concerned with is whether students will be distracted, particularly if the study group is a group of friends. The best way to overcome this is to have the study group facilitated by a tutor who can manage the students, help to keep the momentum going and for the participants to stay focused. A warm and welcoming study environment to keep students feeling relaxed and motivated to learn.

Running Group Revision Sessions

Running an effective study group requires planning and organisation. To use the time productively, everyone should arrive with a set goal in mind that will be previously agreed with the tutor. Any prior reading and questions should be completed before the session so that everyone is up to speed.

It is also a good idea for individuals to prepare a topic for discussion, or their own questions about the material which they can share with the group and ask one other. Sharing notes is a good idea, but only if they are accurate so it is a good idea to go through these first and check all the information is useful, relevant and correct.

Some subjects require memorising facts and information. Testing using memory cards is a good idea to help with this, and students can help each other either in pairs or as a whole. Games such as ‘just a minute’ are also fun where students have to talk for as long as they can on a certain subject without repetition, distraction, or hesitation.

When done properly, revising in groups can increase productivity, help students become more confident with difficult subjects, and improve academic performance.

Discussing subjects out loud and gaining new perspectives can help students obtain a more thorough understanding of the subject matter, while simultaneously helping participants to learn valuable skills such as teamwork and interpersonal skills too.

to openly discuss ideas, bounce thoughts and questions off one another and help each other through difficult topics can be extremely beneficial.