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How to organise your Revision timetable this Easter

Easter revision is such an important aspect of one’s own preparation towards exams. The key to exam success lies in effective preparation and planning. Therefore it is vital that you devise a revision schedule which will allow you optimum chances of success in exams. How each student revises is individual and unique however Tutor House has come up with a few key pointers to help you:

1. Begin by tackling your trickiest topic.

Quite often, the stress of revising for a particular subject spills over and affects the attitude one adopts in revising for all subjects. Therefore, to eliminate this added pressure and gain confidence begin your revision by tackling your trickiest subject. Make a list within the subject of all topics which you need to go over and perhaps organise a study day with a friend to go through all the listed topic areas. Or you can sign up for a revision course. This Easter, Tutor House will be running Easter courses across a range of subjects, levels and boards.

2. Attempt lots of past paper questions.

There is really no substitute then the preparatory benefits obtained whilst attempting lots of past paper questions. As all students will come across, past examination questions are similar and so by completing a variety of questions you will become more familiar with the style of questions asked, how to think about questions and different ways of understanding a subject matter. You will not only feel more confident and prepared, but it is a great way of addressing and identifying any holes in your knowledge.

3. Make concise notes.

There are many techniques of note taking with each student adopting a style which suits them. However the real benefit of having notes is to be able to review them in your spare time, before going to bed or on waking , the night before the exam and be able to talk through each point in your head in further detail. This will enhance your ability to recall information which will help you immensely during the exam. Nearing the exams, Tutor House will be running ‘Study Skills’ days aiming to help students from note taking to techniques used to help students commit information to memory.

Remember the key to exam success lies in effective preparation. It is worth taking some time out and thinking about your revision approach and timetable before delving in.